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Build better with Trimble Connect

People gathered round table looking at tablet displaying construction project in Trimble Connect

Trimble Solutions (UK) Ltd has introduced a new collaboration software for structural engineering, fabrication and construction teams: Trimble Connect. It has been designed for users of Tekla Structures to view, share and access project information from anywhere, at any time. 

As the name suggests, Trimble’s latest solution is designed to connect people together, allowing everyone involved in a project to access the latest models, drawings and other important data from over 50 different industry tools. Trimble Connect can be used on web, desktop, mobile and even mixed reality devices.

Infographic showing the benefits of using Trimble Connect for different groups

Trimble Connect is a cloud-based platform, engineered by Trimble to help the construction industry build better, improve communication between the contractor, structural engineer and fabricator, and create a coordinated environment where all parties can review the latest models, plans and schedules. By making information easily visible, accessible and sharable, it enables everyone involved in a construction project to know what is currently happening on site and what needs to happen next, encouraging a higher level of communication, productivity and efficiency. Trimble Connect can be used at any stage of a project, from the initial design coordination and review, to on-site and off-site communication, to managing activities and tasks during the physical construction.

Team onsite looking at tablet visualize construction work

Designed to work alongside Tekla Structures, detailed and informed steel and concrete models can be created on Tekla Structures and then shared to the Trimble Connect cloud, where all users can access the data, reference each other’s work, check for clashes and ensure scheduling is coordinated.

Richard Fletcher, Managing Director at Trimble, said: We develop software solutions that bring a growing synergy to our customers in their daily work, providing increased control, efficient communication and improved documentation through Building Information Modelling (BIM) and data sharing. Our focus is on advancing technology for the whole construction process, from the initial design to fabrication and construction, to improve and revolutionise the future of the industry.

Screenshot of to do list in Trimble Connect

Better communication between the parties involved in a project not only creates a collaborative environment, encouraging productivity and coordination, but it can also be cost-effective and time-saving. Providing more people with access to BIM models and project plans can reduce the amount of time wasted on site, labour and cost overruns, with fewer design clashes, the need for less rework on site and more informed schedules, meaning that the work is more likely to run to programme.

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