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Sustainable architecture made easy with Volumetric module tool

Volumetric module tool, a Tekla Structures plug-in

One of the latest additions to Tekla Structures 2022, our new Volumetric module tool helps streamline the detailing process, which is key for modern methods of construction. Read on as we take a closer look at how this tool can help you design more sustainably…

As the construction industry is tasked with building faster and greener, offsite methods will have an important role to play in the industry’s future. The benefits of Offsite Construction are widely known and proclaimed, from faster build times, improved accuracy and quality, and reduced waste – the latter point being key when considering the efforts to reduce carbon emissions. 

When it comes to delivering on the Offsite vision, employing Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions can be a big help. Indeed, in many ways the benefits of BIM align perfectly with the Offsite goals, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient construction sequence and workflow. BIM and Offsite truly are the perfect partners.

With this in mind, it could be said that BIM software providers have a big responsibility in providing offsite contractors, suppliers and manufacturers with the tools that they need. Digital technology is an area that is in constant development, with new features and tools arriving on the market as the construction industry itself develops and progresses.

Our Volumetric module tool is one such example, new to the 2022 version of Tekla Structures – Trimble’s 3D constructible modelling software – and available for download in Tekla Warehouse. Developed on the back of the SEISMIC project, which focused on developing a platform-based approach for construction projects, the Volumetric module tool is designed specifically for the offsite and modular market

Working to make the detailing workflow even more efficient and effective, the tool enables users to easily and quickly construct 3D models of container-sized modular units. With automation at the tool’s core, a basic unit can now be created in just a couple of clicks - rather than the previous average of 30 minutes per unit - saving valuable time. The tool also offers a clear assembly hierarchy, automatically creating and organising the model into assemblies, sub-assemblies and parts ready for production.

Volumetric module tool gives a multi hierarchy assembly - the top level assembly is the whole unit.

Multi hierarchy assembly - the top level assembly is the whole unit. In this example we named it module_101, indicating it is the first module on the first floor.

Taking the time-saving benefits even further, the tool’s parametric capabilities mean that the change management process is far easier to manage and coordinate. For example, if you make a change to one assembly it will automatically make the same change to all connected parts. Likewise, if you put in door or window openings, the tool will automatically configure the surrounding steelwork to account for the design change.

The Volumetric module tool is now available to download from Tekla Warehouse

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