Science Museum Of Virginia

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Science Museum Of Virginia
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Public projects
Int Struct Ltd
United States

Part 1 - Upgrade to the existing Museum to house the “Need for speed” exhibition which consisted of installing the fastest plane in the world. The Lockheed SR-71. The tonnage of this part was – 80 Tons.

Basically, the roof was removed in 4 locations to install the 4 - 18” diameter columns that support the SR-71. A tower was built outside the building to allow the plane to be lifted in sections and fed into the building through a large hole. Platform steel etc. was installed inside to allow the plane to be put back together & hoisted into position using wires from the 4 main columns.

The 2nd part could then be fabricated & erected after the tower was taken down. This was called “The Dewey Gottwald Center” The tonnage of this part was - 276 Tons.

The roof on this could not be detailed using Autocad & we needed Tekla Structures in order to create the model & also detail all the drawings. Geometry was all checked manually & a drawing was produced by Int Struct Ltd so all parties could agree with the elevations at the ends of each truss. The roof was erected first and then all the steel for the various mezzanine floors and the entrance ramp were erected later.