Foundation Design

The foundation is one of the most important parts of a structure—and one of the costliest. Uncomplicated, constructible and economical foundations are the basis of successful structural design on both straightforward and difficult sites. Tedds improves structural and civil engineering productivity and quality by replacing repetitive time-consuming hand calculations with automated foundation design calculations. This makes foundation design more efficient so you can reliably deliver straightforward yet safe designs that get construction into the ground more quickly.

Footing Analysis and Design

Foundation analysis and designTedds supports Analysis and Design of Footings for Eurocode and USA. These calculations quickly check the analysis and design, or analysis only, of a pad or strip foundation in reinforced or plain concrete.




Pile Analysis

Foundation pile analysisTo speed up foundation design time, this Pile Analysis calculation for both Eurocode and USA, does a static analysis of the resistance capacity of single piles, driven or drilled, in multiple geomaterial strata. Steel, concrete, or timber piles can be analyzed for compressive and tensile axial loads and lateral loads. Lateral load analysis is for short rigid piles only.


Pile Cap Design

RC pile cap designThis Pile Cap calculation for both Eurocode and USA, checks the design of pile caps supporting a single column with up to 9 piles. The column may be subject to axial compression or tension, shear loads, and biaxial bending. Possible load cases include permanent, imposed, snow and wind for all load types. Permanent and imposed surcharge loads may be defined. Steel, concrete or timber piles can be defined with compression, tension, and shear capacity. Defined capacities are compared to analysis results.



Concrete Raft Slab/Slab On Ground

This concrete calculation quickly assesses the ability of elements of a raft to support various loading arrangements without exceeding the allowable bearing pressure. It also determines the quantities of reinforcement required to support the loads whilst spanning theoretical circular depressions in the sub-soil which are assumed to form beneath the raft.


Steel Sheet Piling Design

Steel sheet piling EurocodeThis calculation for Steel Sheet Piling Design Eurocode and USA checks the stability of either a cantilever or a propped/tied steel sheet pile wall. It determines the required minimum embedment length and then calculates the minimum required plastic section modulus per meter run of wall. The calculation will determine the tie/prop force where appropriate.



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