Effective drawing production in Tekla Structures

Join us for our webinar to learn how to work more efficiently with drawings in Tekla Structures. Click the link to discover what the webinar covers in more detail, and then get yourself registered!

Man and woman work on Tekla Structures drawing
UK Tekla Awards 2021

Drum roll please...

The judging is over, and you've had your say on which project you think should win the Public's Choice Award.

Head over to the UK Tekla Awards site to see this year's winners!

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How to win at Digital Construction using a DfMA approach

DfMA brings wide benefits for everyone in the construction process and beyond, especially the associated data that comes with it, opening up the opportunity to drive productivity growth, make capital cost and time-saving reductions, and develop more modern methods of construction.

Hexagons with light metal framing

Utilising the Visualizer within Tekla Structures

Join us as we explore how to utilise and work more efficiently with the Visualizer tool in Tekla Structures. We'll create 3D rendered models, change and add textures to models, import customised materials and create a slideshow video.

Two men visualizing rendered model

How VR/AR/MR technology can be used in the AEC Industry

Emerging technologies play an increasingly important role in construction. Join us for a exploration of virtual, augmented and mixed reality and how these technologies can be used in the AEC Industry with Trimble solutions.

Men using Trimble SiteVision, Trimble HoloLens XR10 and Trimble Connect.
Tekla 2021 now available

Why let different stand in the way of better?

Find out why you should be thinking of a different but better way of working. It's more than change, it's progress.

Tekla Structural Designer

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For the first time! try out our simple, integrated design & analysis software which enables engineers to deliver safe, effective, and rationalized design quickly, regardless of structural material.

Tekla Software training courses 2021

Online training available!

Covering exactly the same content as the classroom version, the online training sessions take place via a Google Meeting, and you'll be able to see, hear and interact with the trainer.


BIM fundamental to delivery of the Luton DART

Railway stations are often challenging, especially when underground, but Tekla Structures helped Hewson Structural Engineers with this complex project.

Luton Dart, Central Terminal Station
Tekla Structural Designer 2021

Key Features

Join us as we delve a little deeper into key features of Tekla Structural Designer. Includes new behaviours for gridlines, a demonstration of the Review View tool, the new Overall Wind Drift check and Review tools for cambering.

Screenshots taken from Tekla Structural Designer 2021

COVID-19: How we can support you at this time

Here you will find some practical advice and information to help you access Tekla software and services remotely.

Additionally, we have collected information about our products and services that might make a real difference keeping your business competitive.

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