Erection Phase

On-time delivery to the site

Plan projects, follow-up progress, and keep all parties of the supply chain well-informed using Tekla Structures models to visually communicate. Management and representation of status in the model enables clear and effective coordination and tracking of progress.

Plan your truck loads and deliveries, optimize crane locations based on lifting capacity to ensure fast and safe project completion.

The information rich 3D model enables better project understanding by making problem areas easier to identify and resolve. 3D visualizations shared using Trimble Connect make communication and coordination with the client, site crews and other trades straight forward, improve understanding of the project, and enable flexible response to changes.


Key Functionalities:

Plan erection sequences with the model for optimal site deliveries

  • Plan and manage transportation and logistics with accurate assembly information.
  • Utilize assembly data and location information to plan erection sequences, delivery, crane locations and reserve necessary resources.
  • Communicate the project progress by including erection status to model objects.


Coordinate the project visually and meet deadlines

  • Automatically colour individual model objects based on status to visualize the progress and state of the project
  • Generate accurate status reports using up-to-date information.




Bring clear model information to project and site meetings

  • Share project information and streamline the process with Trimble’s mobile solutions
  • View, navigate and get part information from the accurate model with the easy to use mobile tools.
  • Plan your work and solve issues, review project status, clarify complex details and collaborate effectively.
  • Communicate and manage by adding comments, creating to do's, feedback etc. and sharing them with project participants via Trimble Connect.



Unleash the Power of Truly Connected Steel Fabrication Management with Tekla PowerFab


With Tekla you can

  • Plan and manage transportation and logistics
  • Arrange and coordinate production schedules based on the site requirements
  • Stay on top of changes and always work with the same information as others
  • Utilize the model information on site
  • Enhance communication and production with Trimble’s mobile solutions