Concrete modelling

Constructible Concrete 3D Modelling Purpose-built for Construction Needs

Accurate, constructible models that meet the needs of concrete construction allow contractors to reduce risks, save time at the office and on site and improve the pour productivity on site. With the reliable information and tools provided, you can plan and manage the concrete construction process better.

Tekla Structures enables you to create construction-ready models that you can really build with. Coordinate concrete and rebar work and ensure constructibility, foresee possible challenges and simulate your job virtually, then turn the design successfully into concrete reality.

Tekla models are complete with accurate pours, detailed rebar, embeds and formwork. Visual 3D model information is easily available for measuring, reporting and managing projects. Using the intuitive information management tools you can automate tedious, manual material quantification and information management tasks. You can identify and accommodate project changes quickly with the model.


Fast start with efficient reference handling

  • Import reference drawings and models from design disciplines easily into Tekla Structures.
  • Organize your project on the fly with efficient information management tools


Easy tools for quick 3D concrete modelling

  • Intuitive modelling and copying tools have been developed especially for modelling cast in place concrete
  • Objects with the same concrete mix merge automatically into a monolith structure for reliable quantity take off and pour planning
  • Make changes in the model simply by clicking and dragging the geometry in place - what you see is what you get


Constructible 3D models you can really build with

  • Model pours accurately for efficient pour information management
  • Interactive tools for placing concrete embeds quickly to their exact location
  • Plan placement, quantify and document formwork with intelligent, automated tools
  • Coordinate adaptive and constructible reinforcement for any structure regardless of complexity
  • Get ready-made manufacturers’ concrete embeds and formwork models from Tekla Warehouse


Understand your structure and ensure smooth progress on site

  • 3D models make understanding the structure quick and easy for everyone on site
  • Visualize the project progress and communicate clearly with others using the 3D model, on desktop and mobile


Create drawings, rebar schedules and material reports automatically

  • Lift drawings and GA, rebar placement and formwork drawings all complete with dimensions and annotations can be automatically generated from the model
  • Direct link to model allows you to generate any additional sections directly from drawing views
  • Model, as the single source of information, ensures consistency of annotations, dimensions, rebar schedules, bill of materials and any data included
  • Changes in the model automatically update in documents and reports


    With Tekla you can

    • Create constructible concrete models quickly and easily
    • Plan and manage pours effectively with the unique, intuitive tools
    • Ensure constructability, detect clashes and find and fix problems early
    • Save time and prevent errors with reliable material quantification
    • Generate drawings directly from the model and report in real-time
    • Visualize information and communicate and coordinate effectively
    • Manage all project changes easily