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Knowing Tekla BIM software increases your opportunities to land a job you like. 

Tekla Campus is an online academy for students who want to find a career for example in construction management, structural engineering, steel detailing or drafting. Learn the basics of Tekla's BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools and improve your position in the job market.

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Registering to Tekla Campus gives you access to download Tekla Structures educational configuration that includes all functionalities of Tekla Structures. The Campus offers students

  • Free student license for four months.
  • Video tutorials to get your learning wheels rolling.
  • Possibility to share your thoughts with other Tekla Campus students at the discussion forum.


Students in Spotlight

Trey Garcia

California Polytechnic State University, USA.

“I have been given the opportunity to learn and explore construction project planning.”

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Alyssa Anne Ibanez Acha

Institute of Technical Education, Singapore

“Tekla Campus helped me to understand the industry.”

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Avishek Dutta

Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology, India

“Structures have always fascinated me."

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Adil Bari, thesis researcher

Dresden University of Technology, Germany

“I love to do innovative things.”

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Key benefits

  • Free access to leading BIM technology
  • Interactive lessons
  • Online profile to promote knowledge, experience and success
  • Updates on the latest student competitions, another way to showcase your skills.
  • Opportunity to network with like-minded students
  • Industry news and case studies