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Tekla 2020


音楽と同じように、建設にはコラボレーションが必要です。傑作を生み出すには、各プレーヤーが一体となって作業し、適切なタイミングでタスクを完了させる必要があります。コラボレーションを加速させる数多くの新機能と改善機能を備えたTekla 2020は、うまく調和したBIMの構造ワークフローの要となります。

Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018

We have the Global Winners

Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018 final includes more than 140 industry leading projects around the world. The winners have now been announced!


“With BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, one or more accurate virtual models of a building are constructed digitally. They support design through its phases, allowing better analysis and control than manual processes. When completed, these computer-generated models contain precise geometry and data needed to support the construction, fabrication, and procurement activities through which the building is realized.”