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Constructible BrIM + Parametric modeling = Future of bridges

Bridge structures have always been known for their higher level of complexity – scale & design, unusual construction site challenges, durability/longevity of the structure to withstand the different kinds of loads, etc. With the advent of digital construction technology & the ever increasing complexity of these projects, bridge designers/engineers need new digital tools to be able to create BrIM (Bridge Information Modeling) content that meets client requirements – today and in the future! Tekla Structures offers bridge engineers an effective and efficient parametric, Bridge Information Modelling (BrIM) solution for constructible design of all bridge types, sizes and materials. It is the most powerful, yet straightforward, 3D parametric modelling environment that automates repetitive tasks, and change updates. The result is a truly constructible 3D bridge model, fulfilling any LOD 300-400+ requirement.