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Trimble Connect - Connecting the right people to the right data to enable true collaboration

Trimble Connect is an open collaboration tool that connects the right people to the right data at the right time - enabling informed decision making and enhancing project efficiency. With Trimble Connect, everyone involved in a project can see the big picture, right down to the tiniest detail. It allows you to collaborate with complete confidence, using data so accurate that every person, phase, and process work together seamlessly-optimizing the entire plan, design, build, and operate lifecycle. You can share 3D models, 2D drawings and other documentation - view, review, reference, annotate and archive with revision history. The platform helps you maintain control over changes thanks to constant collaboration, so that costly rework caused by outdated information becomes an inconvenience of the past. It can be used in different phases of workflows, such as design coordination and review, on-site and off-site communication, and when managing activities and tasks during the entire project. Also, we call it an open collaboration tool because you can upload and share documents from over 60 industry tools, or even add your own source using the powerful API (Application Programming Interface). Let us show you a glimpse of some of these powerful capabilities in action!