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The Move - North Beach Crescent - Steel Bridge

The Move - North Beach Crescent - Steel Bridge. In addition to the artistic bridge, this project features luxury leisure facilities, entertainment, and fine dining. About the Project The Move Project, located in Jubail City, Saudi Arabia, features an artistic pedestrian bridge that has become one of the city's most attractive locations. With its unique crescent shape, the bridge is adorned with timber wood slabs and connects two sides of the crescent through a series of curves and levels. One of the challenges was to carry out the construction works without harming the ambience of the nearby waterfront, and since the project site is by the sea, the high-water table increases its complexity, requiring adequate dewatering and shoring on all sides. The pedestrian bridge constructed on concrete piles. Most of the main girders of the bridge are spiral built-up I members, it was a challenge to carry out the whole work on Tekla Structures but thanks to many methods of Tekla open API applications (such as converting curved beams on plan to be spiral beams with specified rise & aligning cross beams to the center lines of spiral main beams & also to split spiral beams and welding dummy members to be able to make splices & also aligning the tube joists & clamping cross girders handle points to the exact surface on top of spiral flanges & exploding spiral beams to welded plates and many other methods to assure the exact radiuses and levels exactly as designed as per the architectural unique design). Zamil Steel was responsible for the entire process of designing, detailing, and fabricating the bridge, showcasing their expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative construction solutions. See all projects: