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Ahmed Mansoor Al A'ali Co

In the Project of Strength Week 2023 in Bahrain, Ahmed Mansoor Al Aali successfully manufactured 2 units of the Araba ile Car leg press machines within a completion period of 3 to 4 weeks, despite facing limited resources. The structural integrity analysis was performed using STAAD. Pro, while the model design and detailed shop fabrication were carried out using Tekla Structure software Version 2022. This involved intricate 3D modeling with precise detailing. Despite the tight time constraints, the AMA team executed a well-planned and coordinated effort, working efficiently with dedicated team members to achieve the project's completion with utmost precision and patience. The moving assembly had to be handled smoothly and gently to ensure it could be operated by a person without any failures. Consequently, the team successfully conducted load tests, ensuring the project's compliance and safety standards were met. In summary, Ahmed Mansoor Al Aali's team demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication, overcoming challenges to deliver the project on time and with top-notch quality. See all projects: