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Ghazi Al Gosaibi Mosque

Tekla Structures was an indispensable tool in the successful completion of the Ghazi Al Gosaibi Mosque project. It improved our efficiency, accuracy, and communication, ultimately leading to a smoother project execution. There is no doubt that Tekla Structures played a crucial role in the construction of the Ghazi Al Gosaibi Mosque. We were able to create a detailed and accurate 3D model of the mosque thanks to the software, which is essential given the complex architectural detailing of the mosque. With the 3D model, everyone had a clear understanding of the details of the project since it served as a single source of truth. This was particularly useful in facilitating communication between the design team, the fabrication team, and the site engineers, ensuring everyone was on the same page. Tekla software streamlined the fabrication process by providing automated and highly accurate shop drawings. This helped us to optimize material usage, reduce waste, and detect any potential clashes before fabrication, saving both time and resources. During the erection phase, the detailed 3D model and assembly drawings generated by Tekla Structures were instrumental. They provided clear visual guidance, which helped reduce uncertainties and improve communication among the team. The software also allowed us to sequence and schedule the erection process, which was crucial in managing the logistics of delivering and assembling the steel components on site. See all projects: