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The Coastal Village Residential - Red Sea Global

The 18 Residential Buildings project is part of the Turtle Bay Village being constructed by The Red Sea Development Company on the coast of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia between the two cities of Umluj and Al Wajih. It provides 288 apartments for TRSDC staff who are currently working for The Red Sea Project. The project was designed and executed using the concrete modular construction method. All the building components were constructed and assembled in the form of fully-finished concrete boxes at the Group AMANA – DuBox factory in Rabigh – KSA, and later transported to the site and erected. Production of modules started in March 2020 despite the site not being ready. Onsite land raising and foundation preparation work took place in parallel to production work in the factory. This resulted in manufacturing time savings of 74 days in the duration of the project compared to a conventional construction approach. The project was completed within 11 months, 30% quicker than traditional construction — a milestone in construction business in the region. See all projects: