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Better drawings, faster production

General Design Detailed Design Tekla Structures CIP Steel Precast Engineering Drawings

Improvements and new features make working with GA drawings faster and more convenient, allowing you to avoid errors.

Better workflows with drawings: Drawing content manager

Quick and easy way to review, add and locate drawing content: The new Drawing content manager offers a quick and easy way to review, add and locate drawing content. It offers a clear overview on the parts in the drawing and the notes/marks associated with a part. You can easily make sure that no marks are missing for required parts. Search functionalities will find any object by, for example, name, position or profile parameter and highlight it in all the views of the drawing.

Drawing content manager

More intelligent mark placement

With the new version, you can produce better drawings faster. You can spend less time tidying up them, as mark placement and alignment automatically produces results closer to the industry standard. Routine for placing marks manually now is much more intelligent and there is less need for scrubbing, and the improved routine for aligning marks allows you to save time while making the drawings easier to read. You can annotate by adding modeled weld marks to a drawing view.

Change model from GA drawings

You can now modify model objects properties directly from GA drawings as these are, so to say, live windows to your model. This saves time when you need to, for example, change a profile.

Tekla Warehuose
Extension in Tekla Warehouse

Easier to read rebar drawings

The constructible Tekla model with rebar now generates clear, easy to read rebar drawings with much less effort than before. It is now possible to display section views of rebar with single lines but filled rebar ends, and rebars no longer overlap in drawings and are easily adjusted and correctly visible.

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Easier rebar drawings creation

Point cloud support is here

General Design Detailed Design Collaboration Tekla Structures CIP Steel Precast Engineering

Tekla Structures 2018 supports point clouds in all common formats. You can import processed, scanned information, then use the data to make decisions about and create your structural 3D model. The well-coordinated design you deliver will fit within the boundaries of the site or connect to existing structures, and verifying the location of existing structure is very easy. Additionally, snapping to point cloud points to add elements makes detailing even more accurate.

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Faster 3D modeling

Detail Design Tekla Structures Steel

With the new Tekla Structures 2018, working with the 3D model is now faster and detailing is more precise.

Bent plate improvements

Detailing bent plates is now more productive thanks to more powerful editing features. In Tekla Structures 2018 production data includes bending information for fabrication. In addition, you can automate bent plate modeling by creating custom components.

Enhanced spiral beams

Modeling spiral beams is now easier and more accurate, and you can export them to IFC. You can quickly model and detail stringers and steps with the Spiral staircase plugin, using spiral beams and bent plates.

Tekla Warehuose
Extension in Tekla Warehouse

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Accurate welds, better drawings and fabrication data

You can now model the welds more accurately and produce better drawings and NC files for welding robotics. Tekla Structures 2018 adds support for compound welds and double sided polygon welds.

Faster 3D modeling

New property pane

General Design Detailed Design Tekla Structures CIP Steel Precast Engineering

Welcome the modern, powerful and pleasant to use method to handle all model object information. Property pane now allows smoother, more efficient workflows for creating and modifying objects and object properties and copying properties between objects. As it is customizable, you can organize the settings for most optimal working environment.

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Concrete walls, easy and fast

Detail Design Tekla Structures Precast

From concept to production-ready, working with double walls, or any other precast concrete walls, is now faster and easier than ever before. Tekla Structures 2018 introduces new functionalities like Double wall details,Wall layout T-connections and Bricks on the wall, making modeling and detailing precast walls more productive.

Extremely efficient Double walls details

This is a new, easy toolset for modeling and detailing double wall structures from early conceptual plans to fully detailed panels ready for production. It makes the detailing process extremely efficient and prevents detailing and documentation errors - it combines needed functionalities into one interactive toolset, and automates repetitive tasks like creating reinforcements, braced girders, lifters and other accessories.

Tekla Warehuose
Extension in Tekla Warehouse

Double Detail

Wall layout T-connections are here

Wall layout now covers T-connections, which are quick, easy and flexible to create, adjust and modify. The tool automatically splits wall objects and creates detailed connections to all different layers in walls connected. If any of the walls in the T-connection changes, wall seams adapt to changes automatically.


Geometry detailing strip adds to the detail

The new tool helps you create any detailed edge shapes and add custom surface geometries to concrete parts easily. Adjustments and modifications are quick and flexible to make. All new geometries are reflected in numbering and material quantities, and dimensions can be automatically added to precast production drawings.


Put those bricks on the wall

You can now create brick surfaces with detailed edge placing on precast walls. Bricks next to an opening and edges can be accurately placed to the required position, and dimensions for critical bricks automatically added to production drawings.

Tekla Warehuose
Extension in Tekla Warehouse

Bricks on wall

Deliver on time with an optimally loaded truck

Fabrication Tekla Structures Precast

Save money and time at the factory and on logistics: Improve information transfer between detailing and production, and plan transportation better. New, interactive and easy 3D-model-based truck load planning application allows you to send out optimized deliveries and reduce crane time needed at the factory and on site.

Stack it right

Stacker offers an easy way to plan truck loads in 3D. When stacking elements for transportation, just collect cast units from the Tekla model and add them to Stacker, then easily plan delivery units in 3D. You can print the plans and hand this visual stack list over to the factory. Identifying possible issues is immediate, and Stacker automatically checks the limit values.

Tekla Warehuose
Extension in Tekla Warehouse


Control over transferred fabrication data

Improvements in automatic data transfer from model to precast production automation systems allow better control of data and more extensive content in data files.

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Control over transferred fabrication data

Formwork planning leaps forward

Detailed Design On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP

Creating constructible formwork plans is faster and easier with better modeling performance and new features in Formwork placing tool for walls. A new formwork placing toolset for floors expands the powerful solution to horizontal structures.

Formwork placing tools – Walls 2.0

This advanced tool set allows creating constructible formwork plans effectively. You can utilize concrete geometry and any wall system formwork components for Tekla Structures. New features include more intuitive placing of walers and bulkheads, and thanks to usability and automation improvements, model-based formwork planning, quantification and coordination are now quicker, easier and more flexible than ever.

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Tekla Warehuose
Extension in Tekla Warehouse

Formwork placing tools - Slabs

The new toolset expands formwork planning tools to horizontal structures for quick and easy formwork planning, automated quantification and efficient coordination. Formwork placing tools - Slabs works with all ready-made formwork components available for Tekla Structures.

Tekla Warehuose
Extension in Tekla Warehouse

Formwork Slabs

More productive, collaborative and accurate Pour planning and management

On-site construction Tekla Structures CIP

Tekla Structures 2018 brings structured information easily at hand. The development in the unique pour technology allows more efficient and user friendly managing, quantifying and reporting all information related to pour units. New features for rebar model management and drawings bring quicker and more flexible release management documentation.

Take advantage of Pour units

Managing, reporting and sharing all pour related information is now more efficient. In Tekla Structures, Pour unit represents a model entity including all objects such as concrete parts, rebars, embeds and formwork and information that belong to an individual pour. Pour units improve performance and usability, and you can use this new object type for filtering and report it as an Organizer category.

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Improved workflow with analysis and design software

General Design Detailed Design Tekla Structures Engineering

Design, analysis and BIM becomes an improved, integrated, open process. An integrated multi-material physical and analytical model can result in more efficient structural design, documentation and detailing.

Analytical frame in Tekla Structures now requires less manual editing time - your work can progress faster. If you are switching from duplicate modeling for analysis and design, prepare to welcome dramatic efficiency increase.

Better analysis models

Tekla Structures 2018 features enhanced analysis frame generation so that you can now create constructible analytical frames. Structural simulation is improved, and producing accurate steel and concrete analytical frames is now faster. Slabs, beams, walls, braces and secondary members like windposts and purlins are now created exactly as you want and construction requires. These improvements can save design time.

More productive structural workflows

Tekla structural engineering workflow is now smoother and faster, requiring less re-modeling and editing. The improved, connected analytical frame model in Tekla Structures now transfers easily into Tekla Structural Designer and vice versa. The analytical and BIM requirements of a multimaterial physical and analysis model are not compromised, and the connected model is complete with openings in walls and slabs.

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Online side pane

Tekla Model Sharing

Collaboration Tekla Model Sharing CIP Steel Precast Engineering

More robust performance

Identifying gaps in Numbering has been addressed, and changes in the model folder are now more controlled. Improvements in the routine regarding part cuts result in a shorter, accurate list of changes when reading in updates from the cloud to your local model. This gives you better overview and control over the real changes in the model, and the information is reliable.

More Robust Performance

Effective admin tools ensure effective use

Tekla Model Sharing admin tools have been improved. New Management Console allows teams to rollback earlier model situations and offers model lock, version deletion and messaging, while sharing licenses within enterprise organizations is easier.

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Effective Admin Tool

More control over output and changes

General Design Detailed Design Collaboration Tekla Structures Engineering Steel CIP Precast

Tekla Structures 2018 offers better control over those inevitable changes: Find and manage changes efficiently and save valuable time.

Improvements and new features speed up modeling and enable better drawing creation, ensuring there are fewer errors – you can feel confident about your work.

New DWG export

Take elevation directly from base point value, and report pile schedules according to base point. Additionally, you can send DWG drawings out in real world coordinates according to base point.

Online side pane

See what is happening with command history and undo when needed

In Tekla Structures 2018, command history records and shows what commands have been executed. You can select to which command to return to and see all commands that were undone, and bookmark important steps. In addition, you can quickly undo all the commands that you have run and the modifications you have made. Enjoy more control over changes and reduced the risk of errors, and speed up modeling by avoiding the rigorous, time-consuming checking.

Online side pane

Report changes between two IFC files to Excel

Tekla Structures 2018 introduces traceability for Building Information Models: who have changed what and when. Automatic change detection for IFC files instantly reports changed information from two revisions of architectural, MEP or structural models. It is now possible to export all changes to Excel.

Online side pane

Integrated design, analysis and BIM

General design Tekla Structural Designer Engineering

With Tekla Structural Designer design and analysis are combined into one simple and efficient model-based solution. Improved analysis options for both concrete and steel offer greater control and enhanced efficiency.

Rigorous slab deflection analysis is here

Take advantage of the new, simplified and automated approach to the design of flat slab deflections. You don’t need other solutions for analysis or duplicate your modeling. With the new version, loading sequences are automated in order to reduce analysis overhead and save days of engineering time. The final design is more efficient.

Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish codes are here

General design Tekla Structural Designer Engineering

Tekla Structural Designer 2018 combines design and analysis into one simple and efficient model-based solution – now also covering Eurocode annexes for Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Codes

More design codes

General design Tekla Structural Designer Engineering

With the new version, you need to do less manual work. There is less room for error and engineering can become more productive. Automation allows you to avoid tedious, time-consuming set-up and manual tasks, and information stays automatically up to date. In addition, the version 2018 introduces both new and improved design codes.

Australia – more codes

The new version introduces Eurocode design of concrete columns, beams, walls and slabs for Australia.

AISC, British Standards and Eurocode – steel design enhancements

Enjoy improved the capabilities, stop wasting time switching software or doing calculations by hand.

AISC – new openings design

Tekla Structural Designer 2018 delivers design for openings in steel beam webs, improving quality, giving more insight and saving time.

AISC – plated beams

You can now design plated steel beams with Tekla Structural Designer 2018 and improve accuracy.

Eurocode – torsion design

You can now design steel beams for Torsion and increase insight, improve quality and save time.

British Standards – angles in bending

With the new version, you can now design single T's, equal and unequal angles to bending.

New calculations, improved productivity

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

Tekla Tedds 2018 includes a wealth of new and improved calculations adding productivity value for civil and structural engineers. The easy to use software offers a quality assured library of code compliant calculations that are visible for easy review and validation.

New and improved calculations to boost your productivity now include:

  • Eurocodes: RC stair design, Steel sheet piling design, Timber member analysis & design, Steel member analysis & design, RC wall design, RC column design
  • British Standard Codes: Steel sheet piling design, Masonry lintel analysis, Timber design, Drainage calculations
  • US Codes: Steel sheet piling design, RC pile cap design, Masonry wall panel design, Steel member analysis & design
  • Australian Codes: Steel sheet piling design, RC beam analysis & design, Steel member analysis & design, Wind loading calculations
New Calculations

Powerful, productive batch design

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

You can now produce documentation for multiple designs of any calculation in one batch process. Try many different scenarios for a single design case, as you can design many different design cases on one go, then send the calculation results to Microsoft Word for reviewing the output.

Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish annexes

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

The fast, accurate and transparent calculations that have been proven to improve both engineering productivity and quality are now available for more country codes. Tekla Tedds 2018 supports most relevant steel and concrete Eurocode calculations for Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish annexes.

Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Calculations

Eurocode, USA and Australia - better calculation documentation

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

Added documentation on calculations provides information on the key input and output variables, helping you batch design different calculations and integrate them with other software products.

Documented calculation variables

Eurocode - reinforced concrete corbels

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

The calculation checks the design subject to vertical and horizontal forces following a strut and tie system of design. The design is in accordance with EN1992, Nordic countries annexes to Eurocodes and many other codes.

Eurocode - reinforced concrete staircases

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

The improved calculation checks the design of a reinforced concrete straight flight of stairs.

Eurocode - steel sheet piling design

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

You can now design retaining walls, also using user defined combinations and partial safety factors. The calculation checks the stability of either a cantilever or a propped / tied steel sheet pile wall, and where appropriate, it determines the tie/prop force.

Eurocode, US and Australian codes - steel member analysis and design calculations

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

Improved user interface enables faster member design. Output options are now simpler and you can include a summary table.

Steel member analysis & design

Reinforced Cast-In-Place Concrete Pile Cap Design ACI 318

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

Easy to use, flexible and extensive; it is possible to design a pile cap with up to 9 piles of either steel, concrete or timber. The automated pile layout will save time on new projects while the customized layout option allows you to check as-built conditions or requests for information [RFIs].

Improved industrial ground floor slabs are here

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

Welcome enhancements for different reinforcement types and load transfer options. Tekla Tedds users have requested summary tables in the output, and now they are here.

New, fresh-looking user interface

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

Tekla Tedds 2018 has a new user interface look and feel. If you have used Tekla Structures, you can comfortably adopt Tekla Tedds thanks to its familiar environment.

New Fresh Looking Interface

Improved Developer Tools documentation

General design Tekla Tedds Engineering

Developing your own calculations becomes easier with the documentation in version 2018.

Improved Developer Tools Documentation

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