Construction Layout: Linking the 3D Model to Reality

Because time is money in construction, efficiency contributes to profitability. Field layout is an essential task where accuracy is necessary, but when executed with drawings and tape measure it can be, like many traditional construction tasks, time-consuming and prone to errors.

Total stations increase productivity of the layout process and by integrating accurate Tekla models to Trimble’s layout tools, you can utilize flexibly the exact location information in the virtual building and make layout tasks faster and more exact.

Everything you want to measure on site can be included in your constructible model. When your structure fits in the model, you know it fits in the built reality. With Tekla you can automatically generate and group layout points from the accurate model. Tekla software and total stations from Trimble integrate seamlessly, but commitment to open BIM means that a variety of devices is supported.

After the pour is done, you can link the field information back to the model, verify the accuracy of your work, and make any necessary changes so that your model matches the built reality. Ensure smooth progress on site with up-to-date, consistent information and documents created from constructible Tekla model.

Generate exact layout data fast and flexibly

  • Create layout points automatically for pours, embeds, anchor bolt groups, reinforcement and more
  • Group layout points automatically by the type, location, structure, or whatever is needed


Transfer point data from virtual model to field layout solutions

  • Export exact point data from the model directly to Trimble total stations or other manufacturers’ field layout devices
  • Different file formats are supported


Save money on site with accurate, one person layout

  • Trimble total stations make doing layout faster and more accurate than using traditional methods
  • Take 3D positional data to the field digitally to increase project control


Transfer updates from the site back to model and ensure smooth progress

  • Verify the accuracy of your work on site and transfer point data from field device back to the constructible Tekla model
  • Efficient information management functionalities and automatic zooming in to chosen data in Tekla makes locating points in virtual building easy
  • Visualize and quantify the offsets and make any necessary changes in the model
  • Changes in the model can be automatically updated to all drawings and reports

    With Tekla you can

    • Reduce delays through better communication between the field and office
    • Create and group layout points automatically
    • Exchange exact point data between the model and field layout devices
    • Visualize as-built layout data from the site in your virtual building and find possible needs for design changes
    • Manage changes easily and keep project documents and information up-to-date
    • Communicate clearly with others using the 3D model, on desktop and mobile
    • Ensure constructibility with accurate model and progress smoothly on site