Trustworthy Documentation

After creating your 3D model, you might still need to deliver drawings. If so, with Tekla Structures you can create all needed documentation with confidence. When the model is correct, you can produce all the following drawings and material lists, and have 100% assurance that your documentation is correct.


All types of drawings from Tekla model
General Arrangement Drawings, Engineering Drawings

  • GA drawings directly from the model
  • Drawings always one to one with the model
  • Your 2D output is a real representation of the 3D objects
  • All notes, labels, locations, marks, dimensions and schedules are created straight out of the model
  • Maximum efficiency: when changes appear, the model is automatically updated
  • With similar objects Tekla Structures counts them and clones the drawings automatically


Material lists for production

  • Use ready-made templates for material lists
  • Control your material list by using Tekla Structures Model Organizer Tool
  • Country specific standards available


Workshop Drawings, Reinforcement Drawings

  • Useable reinforcement drawings created even with very complex rebar


Bar bending schedules

  • Quality bar bending schedules with different standard and non-standards bars
  • Automatic numbering of Rebar assemblies and Cast Units


Construction Drawings

  • Take your work even further with construction sequence drawings (4D support)
  • Automatically generate accurate sequenced 3D work instructions
  • Powerful 3D screenshots from the model

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