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Tekla NUS Student Challenge 2021


Since 2015, Trimble Solutions SEA has started teaching BIM elective modules in National University of Singapore (NUS). With the inclusion of Tekla Structures as an elective BIM module, students have the opportunity to explore the latest BIM technology and are well-aware of current market movements.  To promote the adoption of Tekla software within educational institutions and the increasing use of 3D modeling tools, Trimble Solutions SEA has provided NUS with Tekla educational software licenses to teach students the value of a constructible 3D building information model.

Launched in 2019, NUS Tekla Student Challenge is an annual competition run by Trimble Solutions SEA Pte Ltd to provide NUS Digital Design and Construction (BIM & VDC) students an opportunity to apply their learning to a real-world project scenario.

This year, students are tasked to demonstrate the skills they have learnt in Building Information Modelling to propose a suitable architectural and structural design of a stadium ROOF project. The structural design must be modelled using Tekla Structures and analysed by Tekla Structural Designer.

On 13 April, nearly 95 students, lecturers and supporters gathered online to view the NUS Tekla Student Challenge Finalists’ Presentations. Dr Thomas Phang, Area Director from Trimble Solutions SEA Pte Ltd welcomed all in attendance. The judges of the competition include Ms Jessie Ang, Services and Consulting Manager from Trimble Solutions SEA Pte Ltd, Mr Marvin Josol Garcia, Technical Specialist from Trimble Solutions SEA Pte Ltd, Mr Mak Swee Chiang, Associate Principal from Arup and Dr Paul Ong, Senior Lecturer from Centre from Offshore Research & Engineering, NUS.

The groups demonstrated strong competencies in areas including design rationale, interesting features of proposed design, structural design, detailed feasible and constructible, appealing architectural design appealing and realistic design.

They also shared their experience of using Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Structures. Some of the comments include - the software is easy to adopt, very representative of the building we are going to build, able to be more productive, avoid a lot of mistakes and that the Tekla technical team is very helpful and reliable.

Congratulations to Khaw Kuan Ren, Dong Haoran, Chen Zhangliang, Kuroshima Cruz Ken John Ronson, and Natasha Angelia for winning the first prize in Tekla NUS Student Challenge 2021 for their project - "blooming ORCHID".