Manage Risk, Plan for Successful Construction Execution

Tekla software supports your construction coordination, quantity and cost estimation and scheduling and sequencing. The constructable building information is accurate, consistent and always up-to-date.

Tekla's construction design software helps contractors manage risk and plan for successful construction process. If you detect and avoid problems before construction begins, you minimize expensive delay and rework. Design insight and project predictability from preconstruction to execution delivers more effective planning, coordination and control.

With Tekla, you can create and combine information-rich models, regardless of the file size or complexity. The software also includes tools for project review and constructability analysis.  

Utilize Tekla

  • Coordinate all disciplines, resolve conflicts and plan projects before construction begins.
  • Improve collaboration between project parties.
  • Make informed decision early in the process.

Model concrete and rebar

With Tekla, you can model cast in place reinforced concrete – the software helps you effectively plan and manage pours and accommodate changes without delay.

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The Tekla model can drive automated reinforcement manufacturing. 

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Key benefits

  • Evaluate and understand project before building.
  • Collaborate easily with other project parties.
  • Integrate modeling with cost estimation and scheduling.
  • Visualizations help everyone.
  • Plan and manage your daily work.
Construction design software for general contractors
Construction management software for general contractors

To make a profitable tender, a contractor needs to measure and give price to every material, resource and process. Tekla allows you to analyze constructability effectively in order to streamline and improve preconstruction processes.

Understand and Analyze

To win profitable work, contractors need to understand the design intent early. Tekla helps you analyze project requirements and keep in control: Benefit from accurate material quantification for cost estimation and construction scheduling and complete projects safely, on time and within budget.

To optimize cost and schedules, you can visually explore alternatives and analyze the model. Tekla’s fast and accurate material quantification helps analyze and validate tender data, estimate costs and improve procurement. With the model, your area measurement and building component counting are quicker and easier.

Open Approach to BIM

Tekla’s open approach to Building Information Modelling means that the software can integrate or interface with standard industry planning and other applications such as Primavera and Asta, and MS project. The software offers smooth real-time collaboration and information sharing between the project parties. You can import 2D and 3D design data, regardless of file size, from architectural and plant design applications.

On site, Tekla software helps contractors answer to the everyday challenges of change management, just in time material supply and logistics and deliver projects as planned and budgeted. You can manage and coordinate site operations and benefit from the accurate model information. 

Utilize Tekla

  • Plan your operations day by day.
  • Deliver quality on time and within budget.
  • Improve design and task understanding.
  • Identify design errors and clashes early. 

Visualization and the constructable 3D model improves design and task understanding and the rich information means that you can optimize subcontractor activity and have the right amounts of materials procured and monitored.  You can validate the construction plan utilizing links to schedule information from MS Project, Excel or Primavera.  Everyone on the site can utilize the models with Tekla BIMsight, the professional and free tool for construction collaboration.

On the construction site, real world layout points can be added to the Tekla model and later managed and exported to layout or survey equipment. Field measuring data can then be imported back into the model.

We constantly test and develop Tekla Structures. The industry uses it to create, combine and distribute highly detailed, accurate and information-rich structural models. The models provide open, readable data for manufacturing and for exporting to other solutions. Although Tekla is ready to use those who wish can customize it.

Tekla software works with all materials, so a model can include steel, precast and cast-in-place concrete, timber and any other material. Knowing the structures of the other project parties ensures that your parts fit together with everything else. Also, the software comes with a library of design details and users can model, store and share custom components like specific connections. 

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