Tekla Structures - Advanced Course

The Advanced Course

This course will suit practicing Tekla Structures users who have completed the Intermediate Course and are keen to continue the journey on to advanced certifications. Coursework will require you to apply your skills in complex settings.


Firm and Project Settings

  • Firm Folder
  • Project Folder
  • Template Folder
  • Custom Component Folder
  • Backup Folder
  • Plotter / Pen Thickness Settings
  • Project Setup

Connection Detailing

  • Steel System Component
  • Precast System Component
  • Custom Detail
  • Custom Connection
  • Custom Part
  • Excel Connection Link
  • AutoConnection for Typical Connection Details
  • Rebar Detailing

Template Editing

  • Title Block and Company Logos
  • Report Template
  • Drawing Template
  • Drawing Layout


  • Analysis and Design Link
  • Import / Export
  • Reference Model
  • Model Reviewer
  • Merging Tekla Structures Models

Profile and Material Database

  • Create New Profile from dwg/dxf file
  • Create New Profile from Plate
  • Create New Parametric Profile
  • Create New Material
  • Bolt Database
  • Mesh Database
  • Rebar Database
  • Bar Bending Schedule

This course is available to companies. Please enquire with your company when you apply for this course.

Applicants should have more than three years experience in building and construction modeling.

32 hours (8 hours per day over 4 consecutive days)

Training grounds:
Tekla premises, partners’ premises, or as specified

Please find out more by contacting us at +603 2287 5970 or tekla.academy.sea@trimble.com