Hollis + Miller

From seamless BIM integration to a quick comparison of design schemes and cost effective change management, Tekla Structural Designer has the all the features engineering businesses need to win more work, increase efficiently and maximize profits.

Zenith Steel Fabricators Ltd.

“African steel construction is growing, definitely,” says Raheem Biviji of Zenith Steel Fabricators Ltd in Nairobi, Kenya, in the midst of a conversation covering steel and technology trends.


Kynningsrud Prefab

Norway boasts some of the most advanced users of Tekla Structures software. Kynningsrud Prefab is one such customer. This division of the Kynningsrud Group is an independent total supplier to the building trade with concrete elements and steel structures. Prefab has been an area of competence within the parent company for over 30 years, employing roughly 150. Revenue is approximately 200 million NOK. Facilities are located in both Norway and Sweden, and the unit operates in sales, construction and project management. Kynningsrud Prefab has been using Tekla Structures since 2000.

Leigh & O'Kane

Because Tekla Structural Designer is fully automated, engineers can easily create and compare a range of design schemes and determine the most cost effective material or solution for projects. This allows Leigh & O’Kane to bid projects more effectively, with minimal effort.

APT Engineering standardize calculation with Tedds

APT created consistency and confidence across the company with Tedds, the structural calculation software, with a library of bespoke calculations.



The helideck specialist Bayards chose Tekla's intelligent 3D modeling software for an extremely demanding industry.


“At Martin/Martin we work on a variety of commercial projects and specialize in arena and stadium work, defensive design and construction services. To meet the requirements of such demanding and differing projects we historically used software packages from multiple vendors. This was difficult to manage as each software package had its own interface and approached engineering problems differently.

Leach Structural Steelwork

Leach Structural Steelwork is a Preston, Lancashire, UK based structural steel fabrication company that specializes in commercial projects, factories, warehouses, and production facilities.