Promenada Resort Mall

Tekla helps build Promenada Resort Mall in Chiang Mai, Thailand



At Promenada Resort Mall, visitors find space designed to meet the needs of the modern retail industry. Inside the mall, visitors find trees and water features bathed in natural sunlight from the roof and glass facade. Outside the mall, tropical gardens and cool green places abound. The mall is about creating a more holistic retail experience, balanced by room to stretch out, relax and be entertained. The Promenada Resort Mall contains features and an architectural design to please and excite both local shoppers and tourists from all over the world.

The Promenada Resort Mall features stunning, complicated white steel structures that rise 20 meters from the floor to the ceiling. These beautiful structures support the key architectural feature of the coplex, the umbrella-like roof.

The distinguishing design element of this roof is the way it spirals upward and spreads out to the top. Each of the eleven umbrella structures includes an estimated 300 steel tubes, all of which must fit precisely together. One steel tube or one joint formed in the wrong dimension would risk putting off the entire umbrella shape and design.

Considering the requirement for accuracy, the project fabricator Rig Thai Engineering decided to adopt Tekla Structures software to enable creation of highly detailed models. Tekla also helped Rig Thai Engineering by providing an extensive library of steel structures from which the company was able to pick and choose elements that fit with the Promenada Resort Mall style and needs.


One year after Rig Thai Engineering began working with Tekla, Project Manager Somsak Panyamee has become a proponent for Building Information Modeling (BIM).


SP: BIM lets us build project documentation in a much more structured way. BIM-enabled working allows this information to be shared by different project participants and also between different stages of design, construction and operation. For example, an engineer is able to use information sourced from the architect to prepare calculations or a contractor can check the coordination of contributions from different members of the project team. Cost information can also be captured using BIM. Most importantly, BIM has the potential to allow information about the use of the building to be collated and held in formats usable for the operators of facilities – enabling buildings and other assets to be used and maintained efficiently.


SP: Yes the return has been great. The reality is BIM has the potential for your company to unlock more efficient ways of collaborative working and will offer better value to your customers. BIM is much more than a technology - it is a new way of working. The best advice I can give is to concentrate on your people by raising BIM awareness. Understand your role in the process  irrespective of what your business does you will be supplying and managing information, so it is crucial to understand how BIM can be a collaborative tool.


Rig Thai Engineering Co. Ltd has helped build hundreds of buildings, factories, industrial plants and other structures in Thailand and South-East Asia since the company was founded in 1980. Through attention to detail and precise engineering capabilities, the company has developed a reputation for building complex steel structures on time and within budget. The company’s workshop is located at Latkrabang and has a capacity to fabricate more than 1,000 tons of structural steel per month. The facility is well equipped with cranes, cutting machines, welding machines and an assembly machine for construction of pre-engineered buildings.

Rig Thai Engineering relies on technologies such as Tekla Structures to take the guesswork out of their process. The company uses only genuine Tekla software in order to have access to the global software updates and the local support provided by Tekla’s staff in Thailand and the ASEAN region.

Rig Thai Engineering is proud of its role in fabrication of steel structure for the Promenada Resort Mall in Chiang Mai, and attributes the opportunity to work on this complicated project to the company’s 33 years of heritage in Thailand and its effort to stay up to date with the best available technologies.

After Rig Thai Engineering began using Tekla, the executives recognize a number of benefitsbrought to the company. In terms of working with clients and architects, changes to drawings can be made fast and on the fly. This faster modeling speed means that more options can be explored as opposed to using the standard CAD software. The excellent visualization delivered by Tekla software is another major benefit, allowing fabricators to illustrate the complex geometries of each part, right down to the smallest nuts and bolts.

Rig Thai Engineering Implements ISO Standardization For 100 Percent Process Acuracy and Maximum Time and Labor Efficiency.

Rig Thai Engineering

Using Tekla makes us up to 100 percent more productive in some cases. Having 100 percent accuracy for drawing and real modeling precision, it’s indeed helped us overcome many challenging design requirements. No doubt, Tekla has improved our productivity and efficiency tremendously.
Somsak Panyamee
Project Manager
Rig Thai Engineering

Rig Thai Engineering 2

Before using Tekla we used traditional 2D software. Ever since we have used Tekla, we see the value that this technology has brought to our business. It is clear Tekla Structures makes us better at taking on the toughest jobs.
Somsak Panyamee
Project Manager
Rig Thai Engineering

Rig Thai Engineering 3

The work on the Promenada Resort Mall’s umbrella was so intricate and complex that without the detailed 3D modeling made possible by Tekla we would easily have doubled our time spent detailing. We would also have spent more on raw materials due to fabrication trial and errors. Tekla kept us accurate and efficient because the software allows us to see the whole model structure with precision before it is built.
Somsak Panyamee
Project Manager
Rig Thai Engineering