Connection Design

In addition to working closely with our steel connection design partners both locally and globally,  Tedds can help with simple connection design for steel and timber structures.

Simple Steel Connection Design

Steel simple connection designThis Simple Steel Connection Eurocode calculation enables fast analysis and connection design of beam to beam and beam to column steel connections by quickly checking the connection for shear and tying design forces. The calculation automatically sizes the connection for the given beam sizes.



Column Base Plate Design

Column baseplateThis Column Base Plate Eurocode calculation checks the design of a column base plate for shear, moments, and compressive and tensile axial forces. The calculation also includes an anchor design check for proprietary metal anchor data from manufacturers' European Technical Approval (ETA), which is checked for tension and shear forces as appropriate.



Timber Connection Design

Timber connection designFor Timber Connection Eurocode, this calculation quickly determines the load carrying capacity of timber/wood connections using metal dowel-type fasteners.





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