Sneak Preview of Tekla Structures 2016 For Contractors Planning to Pour Concrete


Tekla Structures 2016 continues to help contractors who plan concrete pours on site improve their operational efficiency and building business performance. The new version introduces a modern user interface and enhancements for modelling and information management.

The webinar shows how Tekla Structures 2016 brings convenience, flexibility and easy access to information, thus driving better productivity.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How the new Tekla Structures user interface makes modelling concrete easier
  • How surface objects enable correct formwork area calculations and automate tedious, traditionally manual tasks and thus make estimating formwork much faster, easier and more exact.   
  • About the latest “Pour” developments.
  • How Tekla improves communication and collaboration for concrete contractors
  • How Information management for pour planning improves productivity.

Successfully field tested, Tekla software is proven to improve concrete construction productivity from preconstruction to pour. With constructible information management tools, contractors planning concrete pours have unrivalled insight and control to reduce their risks. Contractors, without experience or expertise, can use Tekla to quickly and easily create accurate concrete models. Tekla automates the tedious, traditionally manual material quantity take-off (QTO) tasks for better estimates and schedules.

Watch this webinar