BIM for Civil and Structural Consultants

South East Asia


In Malaysia, “BIM” projects are gaining momentum and more companies are gearing up to be BIM Ready.  But what does it mean to be “BIM Ready”. Are there any benefits of implementing BIM? Does it only benefit the clients or contractors or architects? Can BIM really be a business benefits rather than being an additional process and additional work?  We would like to explore how BIM could possibly benefit Structural Engineers and Consultants.

Lets Learn:-

1) Can BIM really help with productivity, save more money and increase quality of design in the long run?
2) How a BIM model can help synchronize Drawings, Revisions and Analysis Model.
3) How drawings and design files can be automated from BIM Model.
4) How Structural BIM Model can be Scaled with Details and information to automate Quantities, Visualize Site Constraints, BBS (Bar Bending Schedule) and ultimately reduce reworks in site.
5) How BIM model can help with Coordination – Eg Architectural – Structural Clash Checks.
6) How Project Documents including Drawings can be shared and organized among project team and so that everyone is looking at the right information.

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Friday, October 23, 2020