Tekla Structures 2018 Workshop

Tekla Structures 2018 Workshop

With the launch of Tekla 2018, there are heaps of improvements for construction workflows.  The new amazing features are cater to different phrase of supply chain.  From General Design – Detail Design – Fabrication - On-site Construction – Collaboration, we are customizing the solutions to meet your business requirements.  There are more effective design communication, enhancements in drawings, drawing content manager, point cloud support, more intelligent mark placement, and faster 3D modeling.

You may learn more on our website but we are offering free face to face workshop for On-Maintenance customers in the month of August.  There are limited seats per session due to hands-on practice.  Thus, do register early to avoid disappointment.  For customers who are not on-maintenance, you are welcome to join the workshop with a nominal fee per person.

If you are not yet our customer, it is not too late to find out more at our half day Test Drive Workshop for Free.  It will be a session to help you understanding the solution better.  Again, do register early as we have schedule one session only.   

We will contact you with confirmation details once you register.

One Day Tekla Structures Workshop - Steel Segment
6th August 2018 (Monday) - 9am to 5pm

With the new Tekla Structures 2018 working with the 3D model is now faster and detailing is more precise. There also lots of drawing improvement in Tekla Structures 2018. The new Drawing content manager offers a quick and easy way to review, add and locate drawing content. With the new version, you can produce better drawings faster. You can spend less time tidying up them, as mark placement and alignment automatically produces results closer to the industry standard with more intelligent mark placement Hands-on Session: - New property pane - Drawing content manager - Point cloud support - Accurate welds, better drawings and fabrication data - Undo history Introduction Session: - Highlights of new features in Tekla Structures 2018   One Day Tekla Structures Workshop - Concrete Segment 9th August 2018 ( Thursday ) - 9am to 5pm In Tekla Structures 2018, there are many improvements that enhance performance in models that contain rebar sets. For example, numbering and selecting rebar sets, opening 3D model views, and creating and opening general arrangement drawings are now faster.There are lots of drawing improvement in Tekla Structures 2018. Beside the speed improvement in drawing opening, the new drawing functionalities aim to increase productivity in drawing preparation. Hands-on Session: - New property pane - Drawing content manager - Point cloud support - Faster rebar sets and other reinforcement improvements - Undo history Introduction Session: - Highlights of new features in Tekla Structures 2018   Half-Day Tekla Structures Test drive workshop
21st August 2018 - 9-12 am -Morning Session 2-5 pm -Afternoon Session Come to this session to witness how Tekla BIM software is able to work with all materials seamlessly and support the most complex structures like stadiums, offshore projects, bridges and skyscrapers etc.  We have many global customers and good project references to share.  Tekla has an open approach to BIM which you can run other providers’ solution and fabrication machinery. Not only Tekla is easy to integrate, it creates accurate models with detailed and reliable information for smooth construction execution.  Our solution is to deliver following key benefits to your business: - Reduce total cost and time for project management; - Avoid detailing errors in fabrication and minimize the need for rework; - Enhance coordination and communication using the 3D model with other departments and project parties; - Link with machinery, transfer information efficiently and avoid human errors, and may more!

Seeing is believing!  Make time to attend this session and allow us to help you in winning more projects.  As there is limited seats, do register early to avoid disappointment.

Monday, August 6, 2018 (All day) to Tuesday, August 21, 2018 (All day)
Suite B-12-5, North Point Offices. Mid Valley City, No. 1 Medan Syed Putra Utara
Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur 59200
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