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Rebar sets - the ultimate detailing experience

Ready to create a competitive advantage with 3D model-based rebar detailing?

Aggressive construction schedules, small budgets, and the need to consistently produce high-quality documentation are familiar challenges faced by Rebar Detailers. By developing your expertise and workflows around model-based rebar detailing, you will take advantage of cost and time savings that are not practical or even possible with traditional 2D detailing.

Consider switching to building information modeling to enhance the value of your service and consistently deliver on time and on budget to become a trusted project partner on whom contractors can rely.
The market-leading rebar-detailers who are winning the repeat work are:
  1. Quickly and easily modeling rebar, automating accurate drawings, and creating fabrication-ready information.
  2. Improving placement proficiency and pour performance on site
  3. Delivering more insight and constructible information for efficient layout in the field

Watch this webinar to learn how to quickly overcome the rebar detailing challenges