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3DE Global Embraces the Power of Tekla Model Sharing for Collaboration

"By using Tekla Model Sharing, we are able to share extremely large models seamlessly across our various offices worldwide as well as with our clients. Additionally, we can assign large teams to complete the drawings quickly and efficiently" Paul Henderson CEO, 3DE Global

For decades, 3DE Global has been a leader in the structural design, building information modeling, and shop detailing industry, serving clients in the mining, oil and gas, industrial, and commercial sectors. Our innovative structural modeling collaboration platform, Tekla Structures, allows users to work together seamlessly from any location around the world, increasing the efficiency of entire teams working on the same project without the risk of work collisions.

But what truly sets Tekla Model Sharing apart is its ability to allow teams to create and collaborate in the cloud, even when working predominantly offline. This patented technology enables project team members to access and work with a local copy of the Tekla Structures model, ensuring that projects can be completed seamlessly and efficiently.