Tekla BIM Awards 2020 - Finland and Baltics

Winners have been announced!

Tekla BIM Awards honors the success stories of projects created with Tekla software. The prestigious jury selects the best BIM projects of 2020 which will proceed to the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2020 finals and gain worldwide coverage. The competition is open to all Tekla users from Finland and the Baltics.


The best projects will be awarded:
● 3D crystal trophies about the models for the winners of categories
● Printed brochure and media coverage about the winning project of general category
● Free training day (list price 1460€) for the winner by popular vote

You can submit your project from the 19th of March to the 22nd of April. The jury will select the winners at the beginning of June and the winners will be announced in the middle of June.



1. Extensive usage of BIM models in the design phase (level of development, data content supports generally accepted standards, multimaterial, safety at work etc.)
2. BIM based collaboration between project disciplines, i.e. BIM based design management and coordination
3. Utilization of BIM in fabrication phase, use of BIM data in production automation
4. Use of BIM and information based solutions at construction site and from environmental aspect
5. Innovative practices in modelling and using BIM


The jury of Tekla BIM Awards 2020:

● Johanna Aatsalo, Rakennuslehti
● Kalle Vaismaa, Tampere University
● Rita Lavikka, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
● Kari Immonen, Geotrim
● Saku Järvinen, Trimble

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