Focus on Structural Engineering

Achieve the highest quality with construction-oriented engineering that Tekla enables.

With Tekla software, structural engineers can work more effectively - in the way they want, focusing on engineering instead of documentation.  You can achieve higher accuracy, consistency and quality in the core work and deliver a valuable model for contractor.

Tekla Structures integrates with industry leading analysis and design software, and makes possible coordination with architects, consultants and contractors.  Tekla BIMsight offers a professional, free tool for construction collaboration.

 With Tekla you can  

  • Model even the most complicated projects
  • Integrate modeling with structural analysis and documentation.
  • Share freely constructable design information with project parties.
  • Benefit from new business opportunities to extend service and enjoy a competitive edge.
  • Include all materials to your models. 


Key benefits

  • Reduce errors and coordinate design reliably.
  • Integrate modeling with design and analysis.
  • Generate construction documentation easily from the model.
  • Accommodate design changes painlessly.
  • Deliver accurate structural models to contractors.

Improve process productivity with Tekla structural engineering software. National Museum of Qatar by Arup

Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Tekla software significantly improves the quality and accuracy of the structural engineering information. You can spend less time producing documentation and thus can invest more time to developing better design solutions. As Tekla creates construction documents directly from the model, also accommodating design changes is easy. When the Tekla model is correct, the drawings are automatically correct too.

Design option flexibility

With Tekla, you can focus on structural engineering. The engineering design software gives you a chance to explore design changes, develop and study design alternatives and present these extra features to clients. You can quickly analyze the design options and take off quantity reports for more informed decision making.


  • Improve process productivity
  • Focus on structural engineering, not  documentation
  • Coordinate the modeling
  • Generate  correct drawings from the model 

For an integrated workflow, Tekla software links with the leading analysis and design packages.  You save time by creating physical and analytical structural models in a single application. The analysis programs return the design information and dynamically update the physical model and documentation - this minimizes many redundant, repetitive tasks. And you can re-analyze the model any time.

Tekla software allows

  • Coordination and visualization of the model, drawings and reports.
  • Simultaneous collaboration for engineers and draftsmen.
  • Efficient change management for up-to-date project information.
  • Coordination with all A&D calculation spreadsheets.


To find out which software applications link to Tekla Structures through the Tekla Open API™, visit the partner page.



Tekla integrates with analysis software

  • CSC Fastrak
  • SAP2000
  • STAAD.Pro 2007
  • S-Frame Software
  • GTStrudl
  • Dlubal RFEM and RSTAB
  • MidasIT Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software.

All Tekla partners


Equipped with Tekla software, you can choose to take design to detailing. Tekla handles large models very well, and the software is proven to provide the speed and accuracy that make detailing practical and profitable.

Dynamic design tools reduce detailing time and you can accommodate inevitable design changes easily and quickly. Detailing can closely follow the development of the structural model, which is also the source of documentation.

Work the way you want with Tekla: enjoy flexibility, speed and accuracy. 

Read more about modeling rebar and cast in place concrete.

Concrete pour modeling 


  • Expand your services to structural detailing.
  • Accommodate changes easily and quickly.
  • Provide constructable data that contractors require. 
  • Model the most complex structures regardless of material.

We test and develop Tekla Structures constantly. The industry uses it to create, combine and distribute highly detailed, accurate and information-rich structural models. The models provide open, readable data for manufacturing and for exporting to other solutions. Although Tekla is ready to use those who wish can customize it.

Tekla software works with all materials, so a model can include steel, precast and cast-in-place concrete, timber and any other material. Knowing the structures of the other project parties ensures that your parts fit together with everything else.  Also, the software comes with a library of design details and users can model, store and share custom components like specific connections. 

We offer services close to you. Enjoy local support, training, consultation and online services, like Tekla User Assistance for Tekla Structures users. Users of Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds can also benefit from additional learning resources here