Riyadh Metro Project - Line 2 _ Western Station (3B2)

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Riyadh Metro Project - Line 2 _ Western Station (3B2)
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Public projects
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Saudi Arabia


3B2 Western Station is one of the largest iconic stations of the Riyadh Metro Project. The project includes: Above-ground Metro Station (with 34,155 m2 area), Bus Station (with 3,500 m2 area), Underground park & Ride Facility (with 39,295 m2 area) & Mosque (with 2,330 m2 area).

This station will be surrounded by a hierarchical landscape, which will be a combination of natural and artificial elements.

Starting: June 2015
Expected Completion: 2018

AIC has all steel structures scope of this station including connections design, detailing, fabrication and erection.

This was an extremely unique project because the station has a very exquisite and modern architectural design. The design concept of the station building is a modern interpretation of the “desert sand dunes”, where a cluster of dune shaped, earth-colored structures emerge from the site creating opportunities for station entries, light penetrations, and pedestrian shading.




  • Starting the modeling from scratch depending on design drawings and imported design models to indicate the nodes of the structure.
  • The irregular shape and dimensions of the structure made the manual work has the first role of the modeling and detailing
  • Very difficult cambering in the three directions not only in the z-direction for most of the members.
  • Tight time and client modifications were extra challenges.




Tekla software was a major cause for the success of this project because of the powerful 3D modeling tools and flexibility. Using their own created Tekla plugins helped AIC Steel a huge deal, to facilitate and accelerate the work.



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