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Advanced BIM Techniques with Tekla Structures for Constructible 3D Modeling

Are you a BIM Manager, Technical Manager, Detailing Manager, Structural Engineer, Estimator, or Modeler facing challenges in creating data-enriched 3D models for seamless collaboration among stakeholders? Look no further!

Watch our recorded webinar to learn how Tekla Structures revolutionizes the BIM landscape, empowering you to go beyond traditional structural design.

Key Takeaways:

✅ Easy to Use: What you see is what you get.
✅ High-Performance Modeling: Precision for all structures (Steel as well as Concrete including reinforcements).
✅ Customizable: Tools, Reports and Drawings
✅ Design Automation: Parametric Tools for modelling, AI in Drawing generation.

✅ Construction Automation: Generate NC files & bar cut & bend info. (BVBS, ASA, Soul).

✅ Constructible documentation: Quickly generate GA & Fabrication drawings, rebar drawings.

✅ Clash Check: Check interdisciplinary clashes beforehand.
✅ Connectivity with API: Seamlessly integrate with tools, interfaces, and systems
✅ Change Management: Adaptive components and model change monitoring
✅ Tekla Model Sharing: Real time collaboration & working simultaneously from anywhere anytime.
✅ Trimble Portfolio Workflows: What`s Trending industry wise: Connect, Point Clouds, Layout Points.

Who Should watch this?

🏗 BIM Managers
🔩 Structural Engineers
👷‍♂️ Technical Managers
📐 Detailing Managers
📊 Estimators
👨‍💻 Modelers
📏 Detailers


Kishlay Kumar
Product Specialist