Floor and Roof Analysis

Tekla Tedds offers dependable multi-material element design for floors and roofs. By replacing the need for repetitive hand calculations, Tedds’ floor and roof analysis speeds up the design of slabs, stairs, joists and rafters. Thanks to Tedds’ extensive, easy to inspect, quality assured library of multi-material code compliant calculations, time-consuming calculations and spreadsheets for floors and roofs are a thing of the past, and effortless floor and roof analysis the future.


Beam or Member

A calculation for the linear static analysis of a single steel beam or a multi-span continuous beam. The calculation allows a wide variety of loading to be applied and results for shear, moment, axial force, deflection and axial deflection can all be output.


Steel Joist

Steel JoistThis Steel Joist calculation, specific to the needs of US engineers, makes it easy to check the strength capacity and deflection requirements of steel joists.






Cast-in-Place Reinforced Concrete Slab Design

RC Slab designThis Reinforced Concrete Slab Design Eurocode calculation makes it easy to check the design of one or two-way spanning cast-in-place reinforced concrete slabs.





Cast-in-Place Reinforced Concrete Industrial Ground Floor Design

Concrete Industrial ground floor TR34 4th editionThis Concrete Ground Floor Design calculation quickly checks the design subject to point loads, line loads and uniformly distributed loads applied to a slab using fabric, fiber or fiber and bar reinforcement. The calculation uses the Technical Report 34 Guide to Design and Construction, 4th Edition.




Cast-in-Place Reinforced Concrete Stairs

RC stair designThis Reinforced Concrete Stairs Eurocode calculation makes the design of straight flights of cast-in-place reinforced concrete stairs faster and easier. The stairs span longitudinally between supports at the top and the bottom of the flight and are unsupported at the sides. Supporting beams are located at the outside edges of the landings.





“Ledger” Design

Wood member design NDS LedgerThis Wood Ledger Design calculation quickly checks the design of solid wood, glulam and structural composite members subject to major and minor axis bending, shear, bearing and axial tension or compression, and flitch members subject to major axis bending, shear and bearing. All design is in accordance with the provisions for Allowable Stress Design (ASD) and Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) methods.



Timber joist designThis Timber Joist Eurocode calculation speeds up design by checking solid wood or glulam stud subjected to uniformly distributed loads and point loads. Permanent, imposed and wind loads can be defined depending on the load duration selected. The studs may be braced in the weaker axis by a suitable sheathing fixed to one or both faces, or by the use of dwangs tied into a bracing system or support.



Timber rafter designSpeed up design by using this Timber Rafter Eurocode calculation to check solid wood or glulam rafters subjected to uniformly distributed loads and point loads. Permanent, imposed, snow and wind loads can all be defined depending on the load duration selected. The rafter may be either a simply supported single span or a continuous multispan beam propped by purlins.



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Tedds - Robert Moss - Kier

I like the useful Tedds design proformers that you can't get from other software. We have lots of design software, but site snow loads, loads on lintels, foundation depths for trees, etc. are not offered by other suppliers. Having used Tedds for more than 10 years I have found it an invaluable asset to the preparation of comprehensive structural calculations.
Robert Moss
Senior Structural Engineer