How to Effectively Streamline Your Workflows in the Office and at the Field

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There is a surge in demand for collaboration in our industry due to the fact that people are working with fewer staff and laborers operational at the same time on sites and offices as a result of taking extra precautions, and rightly so, to stop the spread.

Collaboration between teams is a vital ingredient for successfully delivering a project, and the situation we are in today just increases its prominence even more.

We at Trimble are doing our part, by providing multiple tools, ‘solutions,’ that eliminate the fragmentation of communication between teams, suppliers, contractors, etc., but it’s also up to the users of how they are implementing these solutions into their workflows for maximum efficiency.

One organization that is incorporating collaboration into the core of its processes is FAM Holding. They have recognized the true value of effective collaboration and are taking the necessary steps to enhance their communication, whether it’s in the office, or out in the field.

Join us, as we discuss how FAM Holding plans to drive efficiency not just in specific areas, but throughout their operations from site to office, by implementing strong collaboration tools like Trimble Connect.


Join The Webinar to Learn

  • FAM Holdings workflow of how they are utilizing Trimble Connect across departments for more efficiency in their operations.
  • The capabilities of Trimble Connect for enhanced collaboration in construction.
  • Benefits of connecting the right people to the right data at the right time – enabling informed decision making.
  • How by following some simple steps, you too can achieve true collaboration in your operations.

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Date: Thursday, April 27th, 2021,