Powerful Engineering Software

Structural Engineers around the world use our range of powerful structural software every day to design and construct commercial buildings. Automated, optimized and intelligent, Tekla solutions keep structural engineering productive and profitable.

Software Tools for Structural Engineers by Structural Engineers

Productivity, constructability, accuracy and effective change management are essential to a successful business. Achieving efficient designs, maximizing profitability and satisfying client expectations are everything.

Whether you're working on structural analysis & design, producing professional calculations and construction drawings, or providing full detailing services, it is all available at your fingertips with Tekla's structural design software tools. Share and evaluate designs, manage design changes and collaborate efficiently and seamlessly with your project team.

From the concept through the final design, you'll experience an optimized solution. 



Why Tekla?

  • One provider for all your engineering software requirements
  • Developed and supported by expert structural engineers
  • Equally powerful for small and large projects
  • Committed to interoperability and open BIM
  • Improve efficiency and streamlined change management


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Fast, Efficient Analysis & Design

Model, load, analyze and design buildings in a fraction of the time. Whether you’re working on a scheme design, detailed design or anything in between, one single model covers all your structural analysis and design requirements. Even including gravity and lateral systems, with no need for multiple design models.

Tekla’s software is fully automated and packed with unique features that optimize concrete and steel building design, so you can compare alternative design schemes, easily manage changes and seamlessly collaborate with BIM platforms.

Because all the structural analysis & design functions are combined into a single solution, there are no additional modules or software packages to purchase, maintain, integrate with or learn.

Automated Structural Calculations

Creating accurate, transparent and well-presented calculations is an essential part of a successful business. With Tekla there is no need to write out calculations by hand or manage cumbersome spreadsheets; simply access our broad library of automated structural and civil calculations, covering all common elements and materials. And you can easily write and distribute your own custom calculations within our software.

With Tekla’s software, it’s simple and easy to produce professional calculations, plus you can include additional information, like sketches and notes. Enhance your Quality Assurance processes and improve consistency across every project in your business.


Enhance Communication

With every project, it’s important for the structural design office and the project team to be able to easily collaborate. Tekla is committed to delivering flexible interaction with other software vendors and fully supporting an open approach to BIM.

With Tekla solutions, structural engineers and drafters can seamlessly coordinate with architects, service engineers, detailers and contractors at any stage of the project, using industry standard file formats and custom integration links. Our open approach means you and your design team will always have access to the right tools for your workflow.


Fast and Intelligent Modeling

Our solution enables you to develop constructible, intelligent Building Information Models, with the bandwidth for a high-level of detail to increase accuracy and confidence. Plus, absolutely no compromise to speed and performance, even when working on the largest, most complex models and projects.

Level of Detail / Development (LOD)

Requests for Information (RFIs) and resolving clashes onsite cost you precious time and money. With Tekla software, you can create 3D constructible models quickly, then visualize and explore how the completed structure will fit together before the project gets to the site. You and everyone involved in the project will be able to see the problems before they become reality, effectively minimizing expensive delays and reworks.

Professional Contract Documentation

With Tekla you can produce all your structural documentation at the touch of a button, including construction drawings, detailed drawings for steel and reinforcement, reports and material schedules. And because each one is fully automated, there’s no need to create and update each drawing manually.

Change management can be costly, so we’ve made it easy for you. Working with a Building Information Model means you can make changes quickly and automatically update all the associated documents in an instant. You can share updates with your project team at every stage of the project with minimal effort. Maximize productivity, improve coordination and manage changes easily.


Automated Calculations

With Tekla Tedds you can automate your most-used structural and civil calculations. Access Tekla’s library of pre-written calculations or write your own custom calculations, then create professional and consistent documentation.

Analysis & Design

Tekla Structural Designer is a new and revolutionary software that gives engineers the power to analyze and design buildings efficiently and profitably. It is fully automated and packed with unique features to help you create optimized concrete and steel designs.

BIM Collaboration and Documentation 

Tekla Structures is a comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) solution developed specifically for Structural Engineers. Collaborate efficiently with other project parties and produce all your structural BIM documentation, including construction drawings, detailed drawings for steel and reinforcement, reports and material schedules.

No matter where you are in America, we offer services close to you. Enjoy local support, training, consultation and online services, like Tekla User Assistance for Tekla Structures users. Users of Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Tedds can also benefit from additional learning resources here