Tekla BIM Software Supports Your Entire Workflow

Create a constructible, consistent and always up-to-date model with Tekla software and take control of the bidding, engineering, procurement, fabrication, coordination, erection and maintenance of every project.

Tekla software gives you the ability to manage risk more effectively and plan out successful processes. Integrating the structural and production development benefits your entire construction process.  Find and solve problems before construction begins, avoiding expensive delays and reworks. Fast and accurate material quantity takeoff means better cost estimation and improved material purchases.


With Tekla You Can:

  • Create information-rich models of structures and materials for all types of EPC projects
  • Integrate structural modeling with analysis, documentation and scheduling
  • Reliably evaluate costs early in the process
  • Plan and manage daily construction work
  • Coordinate with all project disciplines

Key Benefits

  • Integrate structural engineering with design and fabrication systems
  • 3D models help you evaluate projects before construction
  • Handle design changes quickly and efficiently
  • Integrate modeling with cost estimation and scheduling
  • Deliver accurate, constructible structural models and construction documentation
  • Reduce risks and stay in schedule


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With Tekla, you can enjoy smooth real-time collaboration and information sharing between the project parties as the software integrates or interfaces with standard industry process planning and analysis and design applications. Tekla software integrates to modern fabrication machinery.

Flexible Industrial Collaboration

Using Tekla Structures for your industrial projects means benefitting from better layout coordination and structural information. This is because Tekla Structures interfaces with the major process equipment and plant layout planning solutions including PDS, PDMS, AutoCAD, Microstation and many more.  You can import changes from planning solutions to Tekla, accommodating the changes into your structures immediately and exporting your structural data. 


Analysis & Design

Tekla software links with all major A&D packages directly or by supporting standards such as SDNF, CIS/2, IFC structural and in-house A&D calculation spreadsheets.

Save time by creating the physical and analytical structural models in a single application. The analysis programs return the design information and dynamically update the Tekla model and all relevant documentation at the same time.

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Benefits of Open BIM

  • A smooth information flow from design office to construction.
  • Integrated modeling with analysis & design solutions and fabrication.
  • Easily share constructible project information
  • Tekla Open API™ application programming interface allows your own applications to integrate and communicate within the modeling environment

We constantly test and improve Tekla Structures, which is why it’s the industry leader for creating, combining and distributing highly-detailed, accurate and information-rich structural models. The models provide open, clear data for manufacturing and exporting to other solutions. 

Tekla software works with all materials, so a model can include steel, precast and cast-in-place concrete, timber and/or any other material. Also, even though Tekla software comes preloaded with the majority of items and material you’ll need, it is also fully customizable. Users can easily model, store and share custom components like specific connections.


No matter where you are in America, Tekla offers services close to you. Enjoy local support, training, consultation and online services like Tekla User Assistance.