Tekla Tedds e-Learning

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Course Details


  • Overview of Tedds
  • Quick start guides & user guides


  • Using the Tedds library
  • Running Tedds calculations
  • Working with calculation examples
  • Saving & printing calculations
  • Advanced Tedds usage
  • Tedds Options & Help

Tedds for Word

  • Sending calculations from Tedds to Tedds for Word
  • Importing calculations into Tedds for Word
  • Introduction to the Tedds ribbon
  • Tedds for Word Options & Help
  • Creating new documents
  • Modifying the output of a Tedds library calculation
  • Structuring documents with multiple calculations

Creating a report document

  • Creating a cover page
  • Table of contents & document navigation
  • Inserting a cover page, project description & summary
  • Inserting pictures

2D frame analysis

  • Using the 2D Frame analysis calculation

Course Details


  • Review of the basic principles of Tedds

Writing simple calculations

  • Fundamental rules
  • Writing simple calculations
  • Dealing with errors

Further calculation writing

  • Input fields
  • Output fields
  • Including engineering data
  • Formatting your calculations
  • Introduction to Tedds Fields
  • Predefining values for use in library calculations
  • Linking library calculations

Enhancing your calculations

  • Creating dynamic summary tables
  • Linking Tedds for Word with Excel

Course Details

Creating a user interface

  • Introduction to the Tedds Interface Designer
  • Enhancing the interface
  • Creating conditional inputs

Saving and sharing calculations

  • Introduction to user libraries
  • Saving calculations into the library
  • Using & editing saved calculations
  • Advanced usage of calculation items & fields
  • Using the Calc Publishing Wizard

Enhancing your document

  • Introduction to active sketches
  • Using functions to create active sketches
  • Saving active sketches to the user library
  • Adding active sketches to the Interface & document