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LEAP Associates International, Inc.: Tekla Program Director

LEAP’s TEKLA Program Director will direct employee training and education on routine Business Information Modeling (BIM) administration and coordination on all projects. The primary focus will be on Tekla Structures and Self-Perform modeling workflows. This position will be responsible for the development of Tekla company standards, training, and technical support to ensure a consistent and repeatable process is established.

All activities shall be performed in support of the strategy, vision, and values of LEAP.

  • Provides Tekla models (concrete, steel, rebar) and documents necessary steps to complete scope as determined with LEAP/BIM leadership and project teams.
  • Assembles 3D content modeled by others and models any content not provided.
  • Teache and maintains a productive and efficient BIM process.
  • Support operation with self-perform model management and layout.
  • Maintain a working relationship with clients and project teams.
  • Assumes responsibility for learning LEAP’s processes and standards; applies them to assigned projects.
  • Reads and comprehends construction documents and applies them to appropriate processes. Provides models and documents necessary to complete scope determined by leadership and project teams. Those tasks are:

-   Base model (structural, architectural).

-   Tekla Concrete Model - Steel Model -  Rebar Model.

-   Incorporate design updates into project models.

-  Develop composite model by assembling 3D content provided by designers and trade contractors; create models for any content not provided.

-   Analyze models, looking for errors and omissions, and make corrections as necessary

-   Develop custom reports to support Self-Perform estimating workflows.

LEAP Associates International, Inc. is seeking a qualified TEKLA expert to lead a newly established department. This position reports to the Tampa location.

Email resume to Terri Trimbath at