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DPR Construction: Project VDC Engineer


DPR Construction is seeking to fill a key role in the Southeast Region, as a Project VDC Engineer – Self Performed Work (SPW).  This individual will function as a critical team member supporting unistrut ceilings, multi-trade racks, cold-formed metal framing, and ACT ceiling grid on a large, confidential data center project located near Nashville, TN and will report directly to the Southeast SPW VDC Leader. 

A Self-Perform Work (SPW) VDC Engineer with DPR Construction functions as a member of the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Group and works with the self-performed work group and DPR project teams to improve delivery using Building Information Models (BIM). The SPW VDC Engineer is responsible for developing and coordinating BIM's and model-based fabrication documents for DPR Self-performed work and supports implementation of BIM-derived data through to field operations.  They will also be a key member to help support development and alignment of DPR VDC best practices by engaging in regional, national, and account level user groups.


  • Create detailed fabrication models for planning, design, and coordination of DPR's self-performed work. Model content may include unistrut ceiling grid and supports, multi-trade racks, cold-formed metal framing, and ACT ceiling grid for use by DPR project teams and trade partners in coordination and construction.
  • Collaborate with SPW teams during model and drawing development to ensure desired and/or required construction details and methods, including prefabrication assemblies, are represented correctly.
  • Provide Assembly Drawings to Prefab group derived from Tekla model
  • Create Custom Components as needed.
  • Support development and improvement of DPR templates and modeling best practices.
  • Collaborate and guide DPR's 'back of house' modeling team on model and shop drawing development.
  • Set up and assist with mobile and remote BIM access by DPR field crews.
  • Update and revise models as needed for MEP/BIM coordination and/or to record as-built information.


  • Derive material quantities from Tekla models.
  • Present model(s) to provide context and explain/validate quantities.
  • Assist with development of model development and coordination schedules.
  • Assist identifying and defining SPW modeling scope of work.


  • Deliver SPW BIM's to coordination team as required to maintain the coordination schedule.
  • Attend BIM coordination meetings as a representative of DPR Self-Performed Work and VDC.
  • Revise models as needed with direction and oversight by the SPW project team members and SPW VDC Manager.
  • Advise on the impacts of design and coordination changes to schedule, sequence, and material quantities.
  • Perform clash detection, manage and report on coordination issues -or "roadblocks" to coordination team as requested.
  • Collaborate with DPR trade partners PM's and detailers to resolve coordination conflicts and detail prefabricated assemblies provided by SPW.
  • Collaborate with SPW teams during coordination to ensure constructability of coordination issue resolution.
  • Collaborate with DPR’s prefabrication team during coordination.


  • Develop fabrication/installation drawings per DPR best practices for use by DPR field crews.
  • Create layout point files from BIM/CAD information.
  • Collaborate with SPW field personnel to ensure layout point files support field operations.
  • Provide on-site and remote support to field crews in the use of RTS and Total Station equipment.
  • Revise layout point information as needed to support layout activities and maintain the project schedule.
  • Maintain knowledge of technology used to support layout operations.
  • Collaborate with SPW PM’s & field personnel in support of prefabrication efforts.


  • MUST demonstrate an ability to work effectively with others.
  • Knowledge and understanding of fundamental Building Information Modeling concepts - such as level of development, parametric models, coordination process, clash detection and resolution, coordinate systems, etc.
  • Experience within a prefabrication environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of fundamental project management processes - such as submittals, request for information (RFI), budgets, change orders, etc.
  • Professionalism in dealing with Owners, Architects, Subcontractors, Consultants, Crafts people and co-workers.
  • Maintain excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Motivated to continually learn and take on responsibilities while maintaining a positive attitude. Desire to develop expertise in each skill area exposed to.
  • Judgment: Knowing how to respond to a problem in a manner consistent with the Company’s primary interest.
  • Planning: Looks ahead and organizes activities to stay on top of the project’s needs.
  • Initiative: Seeks out new opportunities to contribute. Pushes the envelope, raises the bar, and treats each task as an opportunity to excel.
  • Ownership: Commitment to the success of the project, teammates, and the company. Possesses the mindset that success of his/her project is a reflection on themselves.

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