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When in Doubt, Make it Accurate (Not Stout)

Working as a structural engineer, you’re probably familiar with the phrase, "When in doubt, make it stout". The fact is, the structural engineering tools of yesterday required a level of “guesstimating” that forced engineers to constantly err on the side of caution, often at the expense of increased material costs and reduced efficiency.

However, with the industry beginning to focus more on sustainability aspects "make it stout" is quickly becoming dated. This recent shift to a more sustainable approach has led to a renewed focus on effective, environmentally-friendly designs, which lower material costs and reduce the time it takes to build. Your shop saves money, and your customers get the keys to their building quicker than ever.    

In this webinar, we'll cover the many methods and tools within Tekla Structural Designer to help you hone in areas where you may be over-designing or using more material than necessary, making each project more efficient and accurate.