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Trafikplats Vega – a Paperless Traffic Interchange

Trafikplats Vega, in Sweden, is the Swedish Transport Administration's project that is designed and constructed without paper drawings. This complex project is a cast-in-place traffic interchange with several bridges and retaining walls. Engineering consultant ELU Konsultant AB modeled and constructed the complex design using Tekla Structures. They developed their own components to fit their unique needs. ELU Konsult AB completed the project in 2018. The project is the winner of the Best Infrastructure Project category of Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018.

Model-based design and construction

The Swedish Transport Administration demanded 3D models already in the tender phase. The client also required from the very beginning that the model should contain UDA parameters that are linked to all objects. The main challenge of the project was modeling and reinforcing the concrete structures using a paperless approach.

With Tekla, ELU was able to develop constructible models as well as various software exports that have made it possible. ELU had a good dialogue with the contractor, Skanska – they were able to detect errors in advance, reducing the number of errors in the construction phase.

"Tekla makes it easy to export the data to the other formats as our customers requested for the coordination."

Björn Israelsson, ELU Konsult AB

“Tekla makes it easy to export the data to the other formats as our customers requested for the coordination. The project has, among other things, produced models in .dwg, IFC coordination models, reports and lists” says Björn Israelsson at ELU Konsult AB.

Design and construction, developed by ELU, were done using only 3D models without drawings, except for simple model views extracted from the Tekla model. The project is one of Trafikverket’s (Swedish Department of Transportation)  first BIM initiatives where much focus has been placed on the UDA (user-defined attributes) parameters. The attributes and their endless possibilities for developing project-specific attributes are one of the strengths in Tekla. In this Trafikplats Vega UDAs are used to their fullest.

"I was really keen to see that level of data and details in the model and using that data that’s embedded.”
Craig Garret, Tekla Global BIM Awards 2018 jury member









Model-based workflow opens new doors for ELU

Going paperless allowed ELU to evolve through developing their own tools that facilitate future projects in civil engineering structures. For example, ELU developed their own components in order to effectively arm trumpet-shaped constructions.  


Project parties

Engineering Consultant: 
ELU Konsult AB


Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration)





UDA parameters
Project members can develop their own UDAs -> user-defined attributes to enhance better project management.

A lot of project specific data e.g. related to the standardization can be managed through UDAs which makes the project more open and smooth.