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The Fifth Parking Garage

Des Moines is a rapidly growing major metro in the Midwest U.S. One new addition to its skyline is the construction of a new 12-story parking structure. Construction of this new parking garage is currently in full swing and is at the same site as the old city-owned parking garage that was demolished to make way for this new one. Located between Walnut and Court Avenues along 5th Avenue in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, the garage, a post-tension concrete structure, will measure 300,570 square feet and will accommodate 750 new parking stalls and street-level retail spaces. The garage will provide the community with daily and monthly rental options and entertainment parking. Operationally, the parking controls guiding vehicle entry and exiting are being designed to provide the best user experience possible. The Fifth parking garage will have an open concept on the east elevation with a decorative screening element on the west elevation. Final completion is expected in July 2020.