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Connected Construction: The Engineers' Perspective

Discover how connected construction solutions can help engineers improve project efficiency, accuracy, and safety by providing real-time data and connectivity across all aspects of the construction pr

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The Connected Construction SmartMarket Brief series features in-depth data from owners, architects, engineers, General Contractors, and specialty contractors, which reveal how digital workflows are transforming the way project teams share project data and conduct key processes both within their own organizations and beyond.

The Connected Construction SmartMarket Brief reports shed light on:

  • How connected are construction organizations today
  • How digital, connected workflows will impact business in the future
  • And, how organizations prioritize and resource their efforts today.

The move to digital workflows within engineering is underway, and the benefits it brings to the industry are understood.

Jari Heino,Vice President & General Manager of Trimble Structures business
on the research findings.

Benefits for both companies and projects:

  • More informed decision making and increased efficiency of internal processes,
  • Improved outcomes are higher quality and faster delivery.

The improved efficiencies engineers are driving through connected, constructible data workflows within their own organizations are now a reality for the whole construction supply chain. The use of digital workflows across multiple companies and project partners is how the construction industry will improve. With digital workflows deeply integrated into the design and project management processes, the ability to predict and mitigate risks is game-changing.

The ability to re-engineer design and business processes using technology, both internally and across all interfaces with the wider construction industry, will put engineering businesses in a good position to deal with the challenges facing construction globally.

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