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Supporting your Construction Projects with the New Scaffolding Tools

The new Scaffolding Tools will make your detailing work more automated, accurate, and efficient. If you are a scaffolding manufacturer, a scaffolding rental firm, or a concrete contractor, you can get all of these benefits by using Tekla Structures and this extension from Tekla Warehouse. 

The latest version of our structural Building Information Modeling software, Tekla Structures, delivers enhancements, improvements, and new features that simplify the user experience for more efficient workflows, increased productivity, and collaboration across project teams.

This new version includes a series of powerful extensions, which you can download from Tekla Warehouse. 

Tekla Warehouse is a service for collaboration, storing, and sharing Tekla Structures content. It provides centralized access to a wide range of tools and content that you can use in your Tekla Structures models.

One of our newest extensions, the Scaffolding Tools, allows you to detail scaffolding easily and straightforwardly. As a detailer, you will get more accurate and constructible information, automate much of the detailing work effectively, easily coordinate with other parties and manage changes more efficiently. 


Understanding the Scaffolding Tools Extension 

An extension is part of Tekla Structures functionality developed to extend Tekla Structures' capability, but that is not included in the Tekla Structures installation. Typically extensions are distributed through Tekla Warehouse. 

The Scaffolding Tools are a set of Tekla tools that enable customers to plan and detail shoring and access scaffolding systems. It is a logic system that provides the users with different kinds of information to facilitate the detailing work. This logic system allows the smart use and placing of the scaffolding components. 

You can create the mainframe with the primary tool and continue detailing with the sub tools. You can customize the Scaffolding Tools to use beam parts, items, or custom components as the input. The configuration is quite similar to existing formwork placing tools for walls and slabs.


The Scaffolding Tools consist of three layers:

  • The first represents the system, the physical products that they have onsite. The geometry for those physical elements including information such as measurements. It also carries the non -physical information. This layer is supplier-specific, which means that each content provider creates components with their own data. Users can create scaffolding content themselves, too. 
  • The second layer consists of the configuration, which defines the product behaviour. This configuration is connecting the physical components with the placing automation. Without this configuration, you cannot use the content.
  • The third layer is the extension itself containing the placing automation. The extension provides the intuitive placing automation and preview based on the product behaviour and places the actual components.

The extension includes a generic package for Ringlock, Cuplock, and a basic frame shoring system. You can configure your own scaffolding system or use the generic ones already available on Tekla Warehouse.

Get the Scaffolding Tools Extension here.

Integrating all Stakeholders from Start to Finish

Tekla Structures is proud to be the only software that covers the entire cast-in-place construction project. With the new extension, we offer our customers the opportunity to streamline the scaffolding detailing process. This new extension is particularly beneficial for shoring the slab formwork. However, the benefit of using this extension goes beyond the scaffolding detailing process itself. 

By creating a 3D model, you can add the scaffolding components and get the right quantities easily. You can visualize the scaffolding and location and determine the optimal construction sequence even before the project begins. But the best of this 3D model in Tekla Structures is that it serves as a source of truth for the different parties working in a project, including the scaffolding, formwork, and reinforcement detailers, the pour planners, and the project and the site managers. By using Tekla Structures and our collaboration platforms, Trimble Connect and Tekla Model Sharing, all these personas can check the project's constructability, find clashes on time, plan the logistics and coordinate all the processes with the data they obtain from the Tekla model. As a result, they all can harmonize their construction work and be more efficient. 

With Tekla Structures 2021, people working on different workflows in a construction project can automate their work and reduce human errors and rework. They can create and keep up-to-date deliverables such as reports, drawings, and schedules and save time and money by boosting their productivity and becoming more efficient.


Get the Scaffolding Tools Extension here.

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