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Meet and Collaborate with Tekla Users through Tekla Development Experts Page

Do you have a great software solution or idea that you’re hoping to ship to the greater public? Would you like to share an innovation that you’ve been working on, or find a collaborator to move forward with your project or business?

In March 2018, Tekla launched its Developer Center as a collective hub for programmers and Tekla users. Tekla Development Experts page is a part of the Developer Center. It’s a place where talented programmers and interested Tekla users can get together and form interesting collaborations. Through this forum, software developers can promote services and expertise to Tekla users and potential collaborators globally. 

Ship your innovation to the masses

At Tekla, we are proud to be a forerunner in Building Information Modeling. BIM is a growing, exciting field with endless opportunities for growth and innovation. A traditionally hardware-based industry, construction is going digital and its processes are currently being streamlined with intelligent solutions.

We have created our Open API as a tool for enabling the change and harnessing top talents from both fields, software and construction. Instead of wondering how to move forward with your innovation, on the Development Experts page it’s possible to find interested Tekla users, and use the Open API to integrate to our modeling environment. Projects vary from automation and planning to process management.

How it works

The Tekla Development Experts page is a listing of third party companies that are experts in Tekla Open API. As a developer, you can become a Tekla Partners Program member and share your contact details for Tekla users who are in need of innovative software developers for projects. The page itself is public, but as a member, you are able to add your own information. 

What’s more, you can join the Tekla Warehouse to get valuable real-life feedback on your product. Sharing your solution with the Tekla Structures user base at either the beta stage or a ready version. You’ll be able to collect data and see how your app works in practice, or in a new scenario. 

Join Tekla Development Experts for new opportunities

The Tekla Development Experts is a simple way to reach out to potential collaborators, and share information about yourself and your work. By joining our expert pool you get to leverage your app, find like-minded entrepreneurs and put your innovation into action with the help of our Open API. 

Join Tekla Development Experts