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Progress Is a Truly Constructible Process

Design, detail, fabricate and construct with truly constructible Tekla models

Choose to make a truly constructible impact. You can transform your design, project and business to start the ripple effect of progress. Switch truly constructible structural BIM for greater insights and more productive outcomes.

Truly constructible Tekla models empower you with streamlined workflows and real-time collaboration so you can produce your greatest work. Move beyond BIM for more accuracy, productivity, and profitability.

BIM is much more than just photorealistic project visualization and clash detection. True, accurate, and constructible digital twins are possible with Tekla. They offer seamless processes, keep design and construction in perfect sync, and help companies overcome construction challenges.   

The bottom line 

After decades of maintaining the status quo, the construction industry has an opportunity to digitally transform performance and modernize. The constructible process offers significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, safety, and quality. Transforming the way the construction industry works has never been so easy.
Today, we can more efficiently design, construct, and maintain buildings to benefit builders and users alike. Consistency and accessibility are key to success,  and the best quality BIM data is created and accessed within the Trimble constructible process.

The value of switching to a better building information model

Progress can start from the information in your model and has a positive impact on people, projects and planet. The greater insight offered by truly constructible building information models help you optimize structural design and the details you model influence how others interact and drive decisions downstream. Project deliverables derived from truly constructible BIM are unambiguous and easy for all to comprehend. With truly constructible Tekla models the team from the design office, factory, and site can be united with shared understanding of what is to be done. By switching to Tekla software from Trimble you can quickly create reliable designs by harnessing automated processes and collaborate seamlessly to boost your potential.

Improved productivity, reduced risk and sustainability need greater project insight and data certainty to drive decisions and outcomes. Construction industry underperformance can only be addressed by the building information model process if the models are accurate, truly constructible, digital twins that connect to the real, physical asset.

Save time and money with accurate data

Effective data brings people, technology, and information together to deliver their best work in less time. Say goodbye to relying upon traditional 2D plans and fragmented data, and welcome easy-to-understand and accessible information. 

Easy-to-understand and accessible building information model vs. traditional 2D plans

It's estimated that construction teams waste 13 % of their working hours looking for project data. But it doesn't have to be this way. By becoming truly constructible, everyone benefits by seeing the big picture and the tiniest details.

Overcome communication challenges

As the global pandemic breeds uncertainty in construction,  the benefits of BIM are more evident than ever. As The Next Normal in Construction report explains, 
"Digital technologies can enable better collaboration, greater control of the value chain, and a shift toward more data-driven decision making. These innovations will change the way companies approach operations, design, and construction," McKinsey, 2020.
With a truly constructible process, teams enjoy clear communication on projects of every size, even while working in different parts of the world. Work is shared with the right people 24/7 to keep team members well informed and in the loop.

Measure the constructability

Two building information models (BIM) with different level of development (LOD)How can you be sure you're working with a truly constructible process? Constructability can be quantified using the level of development (LOD) concept, which was developed by the Associated General Contractors of America to define the content and reliability of BIM. 

With the truly constructible Tekla driving your BIM process, you experience improved value and reduced risk. Everyone gets the data-rich information they need with Tekla with an industry-recognized and quantifiable method.  

Cut the carbon

According to the Bringing Embodied Carbon Upfront report, 39% of all global carbon emissions come from building and construction. This is one of many reasons the WorldGBC wants to fully decarbonize the sector by 2050. Construction firms are feeling the heat, but they can overcome the challenge with truly constructible BIM.

 Big concrete bridge crossing a river in a forest
Randselva bridge by Sweco, PNC, Armando Rito and Isachsen

Truly constructible BIM reduces material waste by optimizing building efficiency. And with high-quality data and modeling, users can even experiment with greener materials. Tekla also makes it easy for engineers to assess designs early to reduce their carbon impact before construction even starts. No wonder so many recommend using constructible BIM in the early stages of construction. Informed planning blazes the trail to a greener, cleaner world.

Man using mixed reality on a construction site


Mixed reality made easy 

Move beyond the computer screen and combine
design data with the real world and navigate through structures before they're even completed. With a truly constructible process, you can easily detect onsite errors and save money, material, and time.

Build a solid reputation for safety 

Constructible BIM ensures the safety of structure users with a "golden thread" of information which is essential for erecting safe buildings. With Tekla's truly constructible building information model, you have a repository of rich data at your fingertips.

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