Tekla Tedds is the Key to Improving Consistency for Riverstone

Prior to adopting Tedds, Riverstone used spreadsheets and a variety of software packages for its structural analysis. This not only meant the calculations were inconsistent, assembling the calculations from these different sources was time consuming and unproductive. Change management was cumbersome and it proved difficult to update and maintain the entire documentation package. By investing in Tedds, Riverstone was able to create a more cohesive and clear set of calculations using the library of Tedds calculations to US codes, in conjunction with other tools within its software portfolio. Its engineers were able to work independently on Tedds calculations yet produce consistent design documents which could be easily checked, shared and compiled within one submission.

Patrick Bird, President of Riverstone Structural Concepts, said: “Tedds has absolutely transformed the way we work. We fire up Tedds before we do anything else; it has kept our calculations consistent, organized and current. I love the fact that I can incorporate my Tedds calculations directly into Microsoft Word and every day we are finding new ways to create our own templates for future use. “We anticipate a sharp growth in new clients next year due to our increased ability to meet deadlines. Tedds allows us to produce efficient calculations that will ensure a successful outcome.”