Tekla Structural Designer Lives Up to Interoperability Promise, Saves Time and Increases Efficiency for Hollis + Miller

“Tekla Structural Designer delivers on everything it claims and is as a high-end design program, with no limitations on size or complexity.” --  John Funk, Professional Engineer (PE), structural department head at Hollis + Miller

Collaborate and Save Time with Seamless BIM Integration 

For most engineers, working with a number of different analysis and design tools for a single project is the standard, but is proving more and more difficult. An engineer may use as many as five analysis and design tools on a single project. After the models are created in those tools, they are usually combined into a new BIM model, from scratch – wasting time and increasing the potential for errors.

Adding to the problem has been the lack of interoperability between software programs, many of which claim to easily integrate with others but in reality, fall short. This inability to easily move a model from analysis and design tools to a BIM software program and share it with other stakeholders throughout the design, fabrication and construction process, often diminishes the benefits of using a 3D model in the first place.

John Funk, Professional Engineer (PE) and structural department head at architectural firm, Hollis + Miller, experienced the same challenges and turned to Tekla Structural Designer for its ability to truly integrate with Trimble’s Tekla Structures and other BIM software programs.

“Interoperability is critical and is a big part of the overall time savings in analysis and design.,” said Funk. “Tekla Structural Designer delivers on this promise.”

Tekla Structural Designer was developed specifically to help design engineers maximize collaboration with other project parties, including technicians, fabricators and architects. Its unique functionality allows engineers to integrate the physical design model seamlessly with Tekla Structures and other leading BIM software, and to round-trip without compromising vital design data.

Work in One Product, One Interface, One Model

Unlike traditional analysis software, Tekla Structural Designer can be used to create physical, information-rich models that contain all the intelligence needed to fully automate design and manage project changes for faster, more accurate design.

From scheme to detailed design, one single model can contain all structural analysis and design requirements. Working in Tekla Structural Designer, engineers don’t have to waste time switching between multiple software packages.

Changes in Tekla Structural Designer can be easily managed for reduced response time at any stage of a project, and applied across the entire model to instantly assess impact and automatically get a re-design in seconds.

“We like that it gives us the opportunity to make changes very quickly. Having a 3D model really helps improve the speed at which we can react to changes and practice value engineering,” said Funk.

Ensure High Quality Deliverables

Tekla Structural Designer includes all the critical information needed to fully automate design to an engineer’s chosen building code so less time is spent processing analysis data.

Because Tekla Structural Designer is full automated, engineers can easily create and compare a range of design schemes and determine the most cost effective material or solution for projects.

Transform Your Business

“Tekla Structural Designer delivers on everything it claims and is as a high-end design program, with no limitations on size or complexity,” said Funk. “It’s been very powerful and has all the capabilities we need to work faster and smarter.”

From seamless BIM integration to a quick comparison of design schemes and cost effective change management, Tekla Structural Designer has the all the features engineering businesses need to win more work, increase efficiently and maximize profits.


John Funk

Tekla Structural Designer delivers on everything it claim and is a high-end design program, with no limitations on size or complexity.
John Funk, PE
Structural Department Head
Hollis + Miller