For Project Managers

Manage Projects and Schedules Proactively With Real-time Information

Tekla PowerFab delivers real-time information, and intuitive functionality in a tool that has been specifically designed for steel fabrication project management workflows. Manage your projects more proactively by anticipating and solving potential problems before they occur. 

Stay up-to-date on project profitability by tracking estimate vs. actual cost in real-time. Encourage easy collaboration and clear communication with all stakeholders through the consistent use of the same model and format from estimation to construction. 


Key Benefits:

Move from reactive to proactive project management

  • Visual model helps to anticipate potential problems in the shop and on the job site 

Leverage real-time status data to quickly submit invoices

  • Automatic status updates from machines make sure you have the right items on the bill for progress-based invoicing


Efficiently manage the project schedule 

  • Control the detailing (drawing log and status)
  • Optimize purchasing schedule
  • Shop schedule
  • More efficient jobsite coordination:
    • Lotting made easier with visualization
    • Scheduling the just-in-time deliveries 

Manage drawings 

  • Change orders (design changes)
  • Transmittals 
  • RFIs 
  • Visibility also to detailers to be able to avoid rework when it’s too late


Enjoy technology that increases each worker’s efficiency, speed, and accuracy, providing a leg-up on competition through greater productivity and profit.